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Are Brennon And Alexa Still Together? What Happened With Them On Love Is Blind?

Are Brennon And Alexa Still Together? Brennon Lemieux, a 32-year-old engineer, and Alexa Alfia, a 27-year-old insurance business owner, are the first pair to become engaged in Love Is Blind season 3. Brennon: “Alexa makes me believe in this process” Next, he proposes to Alexa: “I want to spend my entire life making you happy. Marriage?”

Alexa and Brennon ultimately meet in the season’s second episode. Alexa asks, “What the fuck?” as the doors open. Alexa accepts Brennon’s second proposal. “I’m speechless,” she says on camera. “I’m happy”

What happened to Alexa and Brennon on ‘Love is Blind’?

Love Is Blind's Alexa and Brennon – Are they still together now?

Love Is Blind The first four episodes, released on Netflix on October 19, follow Alexa and Brennon from the pods to Malibu, where they spend their first real-time together as an engaged couple. Alexa and Brennon seem like a promising couple in the first episodes, but episode 4 hints to danger.

Alexa tells Brennon her family isn’t shy “Even with the kids, [we’re like], Stop being such a f***king p****y right now”—and Brennon looks a little concerned, stating, “Sit up straight for every meal. Understand?” As the pair meets each other’s family and friends, they realize they grew up differently. Brennon’s family was poor during his childhood;

Alexa is wealthy (with a huge, gregarious network of family and friends). Alexa’s father informed Brennon he feared her fiancé couldn’t maintain her lifestyle. Alexa begs Brennon for a prenup, and he agrees; they’re still the strongest couple in overcoming their disagreements.

Alexa and Brennon are still the fan-favorite couples of the season, but the wedding days may bring some shocking decisions. Brennon’s mind could alter based on the finale’s preview. Brennon claims he doesn’t feel like himself on the wedding day, while Alexa is quietly prepared for the ceremony. We see him crying outside the venue with his parents.

The finale’s wedding goes beautifully for Alexa and Brennon fans. Netflix tried it with the crying footage; kudos if you never doubted. The pair reaches the altar and exchanges vows before saying yes. They’re still together and pleased during the reunion (but more on that below).

Reminiscing Brennon meeting Alexa’s family and their first in-person interaction after the pods have been emphasized. The captions depict a joyful couple reliving their engagement or a separated couple with cherished memories.

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Are Alexa and Brennon still together?

During their reunion appearance, the married pair appeared in love and confident, saying they’d overcome certain challenges as newlyweds. “Don’t let roommate troubles become marriage problems,” Alexa advised when they initially moved in together.

In an interview with Extra, the couple revealed their rings and said they hadn’t worn them before the finale. Alexa added, “We had a year and a half to feel confident in our relationship before going public.”

The couple says they’re working on their marriage and romance. “We discuss everything regularly,” Alexa said. “Every few months, we ask, ‘Do I need to do anything more as a wife, a husband, a partner?'” Season 3’s fan-favorite couple is now married. Happy wedding!

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