The ‘Alaskan Bush People’ Family Tree

The ‘Alaskan Bush People’ Family Tree Actually Includes Secret Family Members

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Discovery Channel s Alaskan Bush People show viewers that Billy Brown’s family tree must be extensive, but the reality is even bigger than you would think.

And as the family grows and the kids keep dating and settling down, the family tree will only continue to grow. From left to right, the family tree includes Noah Brown, Rhain Brown (wife), Jenny Brown (daughter), Marcel Thompson (son-in-law), and Gabriel Thompson(grandson).

Billy Brown’s Family Tree

The ‘Alaskan Bush People’ Family Tree

Billy Brown’s Older Daughter and First Wife

Billy Brown was actually a husband and father way before he met his wife, Ami Brown. Radar Online reveals that according to Texas state records, Billy married his first wife as a minor when he was 16 and she was 17. When the Facebook page Alaskan Bush People Exposed obtained the same paperwork, they revealed his wife is Brenda and that together he had two daughters: Twila and Brandy.

Billy revealed in his book “Lost Years” that he and Brenda tied the knot so young because he wanted to be released as a ward of the state. Five years later, the couple divorced, and, according to Billy himself, he seemed to eventually stop being involved with them.

Though the Brown family has never publicly mentioned a family member named Brandy, seemingly revealing Brenda and Billy had only had one daughter; Twila made her Alaskan Bush People debut during a 2016 appearance on the show.

Despite the elder Brown child’s recent cameo appearance, she hadn’t seen or spoken to her relatives in 30 years. Though she shares the occasional update from her half-siblings on Facebook, Mercedes has distanced herself from her dad. In a recent post, she wished him a happy Father’s Day and went into detail about how he is no longer present in her life.

Twila Byars is proud of her ancestry and she gracefully shares photos on Twitter.

Billy Brown’s Older Grandchildren

If you missed that one episode of Alaskan Bush People, you might not have realized it, but Billy had actually been a grandfather for years. Eldest daughter Twila has two children though one of her daughters tragically passed away in a car accident before reconnecting with him again

-Kit Hughes The mother regularly honors her daughter Celie on her birthday. The mother also has another daughter, Bronte Byars with her husband Mike Byars. The mother-daughter duo frequently share photos together on social media.

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Billy Brown’s Younger Children and Second Wife

Billy and Ami were actually themselves married young though their wedding took place several years before Billy’s. Ami was only 15-years-old when she became Billy’s second wife, about 10-years younger than the 25-year old groom.

Together, the family of nine had another seven kids with a wide variety of names. Their youngest daughter Rain was only 10 years old when filming started in 2010.

Watching them grow up on TV has been incredible, especially for their daughter Rain who always captured my heart because she was just ten years old when filming began. The rest of her siblings may have been adults, but they’ve all gone through some major transformations.

Matt Brown has not yet settled down, but at his age, four children (Hank and Joe Meeks) have married their significant others. He is currently filming one of the two semi-serious relationships between Bam Bam Brown and an Arizona divorced woman with whom he had a child, Allison Kagan.

Out of nine brothers, Matt has three children. Noah and Rhain have been married for over a year. They had two ceremonies, with the first in August 2018 – Gabe secretly got married to wife Raquell Rose Pantilla in January of this year. A few months later they had another ceremony attended by friends and family in June 2019.

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Billy Brown’s Younger Grandchildren

Noah and Rhain became the first couple to welcome a little Alaskan bush baby when they had their son, Elijah Connor Brown. The family quickly fawned over the new addition as Noah’s aunt Rain Brown gushed.
Dear Elijah Conner, I first met you at 3:30 a.m. Tuesday, February 26th. Life has never been the same.

In July 2019, Gabe and Rose announced they’re expecting their first child in November. The couple was pregnant during the winter when a court battle ensued, resulting in a “God blessed us with our beautiful baby this autumn.”

When Raiven Adams revealed she was pregnant with their son in September 2019, Bear Brown replaced his ex-fiance, Nathan Lee, as the family’s father.

The couple had previously gone through some struggles and faced allegations of domestic violence. They ended up breaking ties on bad terms; however, during an interview with a reality show Alaskan Bush People’s mother, Ami Brown welcomed River on March 14th, 2020.

He was premature and spent a significant time in the NICU, causing some speculation as to who his father was. In May of 2020, Darren “Bear” McClintock announced that after taking a paternity test he was indeed the father of Ami’s son The couple has since reconciled.

Younger sisters Bird Brown and Rain may just be third-wheeling for now, but their relationship status will change again once all the kids are having their own children.

However, they may have to leave the bush to meet someone (assuming they ever actually lived there) or they can pull a Bam Bam and just start dating a crew member. But with this many kids, the Brown Bush clan is only going to keep expanding.The ‘Alaskan Bush People’ Family Tree

Billy Brown’s Death

Sadly, the Brown family’s patriarch died on February 7th, 2021. Bear took to Instagram to reveal this unfortunate news in a tribute post. He was our best friend, wonderful and loving dad, granddad, and husband.

We will remember him dearly for living his life on his terms and teaching us to live like that too. It is with heavy hearts that we announce Micheal Brown’s passing on March 26th, 2018.

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