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These Facts About ‘Alaskan Bush People’ Are Making Us Question!

The stars of Alaskan Bush People have been documenting their eccentric wilderness lifestyle since 2010, and fans have started questioning how honest the family is in depicting their lives. Do some rumors suggest that the Brown family is living in isolation in the middle of Alaska, but are these accusations true?

The reality TV show Alaskan Bush People is actually a fraud and hides the fact that the family lives in an urban city.

Radar Online reported that late patriarch Billy Brown, Ami Brown and their seven kids Noah, Snowbird, Rain, Joshua, Solomon, Gabriel and Matthew are not actually living in the Alaskan wilderness as they have been portraying for 13 seasons of “Alaskan Bush People”

What does Radar Online report Neighbors Jay Erickson and Becky Hunnicutt claim they saw the Browns coming and going from Icy Strait Lodge at all hours?

All of the boys, including Randy and Mike Jr., have their own rooms at the family’s lodge. The fathers added that production crew members from the show often stay with them as well.

The Discovery Channel was given permission to document the life of a secluded Bush family. During production, an incident occurred and filming was stopped amid rumors as to why it happened.

The family is woken up by what sounds like two shots fired outside. The men rush out, heavily armed, when a third gunshot seemingly goes off. This land is not worth dying for, Billy tells cameras.

How much do reality stars make? Jason Tartick of “The Bachelorette” shares his salary on Us Weekly.

According to Anchorage Daily News, however, Alaska State Troopers said no one affiliated with Alaskan Bush People seems to have reported any shots fired.

There are many clues that might lead people to question whether the family is fake for TV.

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