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Carnival Cruise Ship Caught on Fire Docked at Grand Turk

On Thursday, a Carnival cruise ship set sail from Port Canaveral, Florida, caught fire. According to a press release from Carnival, the Carnival Freedom ship was on a five-day voyage when a fire broke out within the ship’s funnel.

The fire was swiftly put out by emergency response crews, and all guests and staff members were unharmed, according to Carnival. Local officials gave the ship’s passengers permission to go ashore. Carnival is still evaluating the situation.

What Carnival cruise caught on fire?

The Carnival Freedom left Port Canaveral in Central Florida on Monday for a 5 day trip. It was in the Turks and Caicos when a fire broke out in the ship’s whale-tail-shaped red, white, and blue funnel. After 8 a.m., people on other ships began posting photos and videos.

Carnival claimed the ship had 2,504 passengers and 972 crew members on board. On Saturday, a different ship, the Carnival Conquest, will depart from Miami to pick everyone up from Grand Turk. On Monday, they are slated to arrive in Port Canaveral.

The Conquest’s next journey, which was supposed to leave Miami on Friday, has been cancelled, as has the Freedom’s next excursion, which was supposed to start on Saturday.

Carnival says the Freedom ship will be brought to Freeport for a “funnel repair.” All guests whose journeys may be affected by the modifications have been contacted.

Passengers on a Carnival cruise from Miami to Seattle were compelled to quarantine last month when COVID-19 was discovered onboard. Carnival did not indicate how many of the 2,100 individuals on board were affected with the virus. All afflicted passengers were transported to area motels for isolation as the ship docked.

Cruise ship fires aren’t common, but they’ve happened before. More than 500 passengers and crew were rescued from a burning ship approximately a mile off the north coast of Puerto Rico in 2016. Many people on board the Caribbean Fantasy cruise needed medical attention, but no fatalities were reported.

How old is Carnival Freedom?

In 2007, Carnival Freedom made its debut. It is 952 feet long, has 13 decks, and can carry up to 2,980 passengers and 1,150 crew members. According to the cruise operator, the ship was carrying roughly 2,500 passengers and 1,100 crew members at the time of the fire.

When was the last time a Carnival cruise ship sank?

Costa Concordia disaster, the capsizing of an Italian cruise ship on January 13, 2012, after it struck rocks off the coast of Giglio Island in the Tyrrhenian Sea. More than 4,200 people were rescued, though 32 people died.

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