AG Letitia James Withdraws From The ParCare COVID-19 Vaccine Fraud Investigation

AG Letitia James Withdraws From The ParCare COVID-19 Vaccine Fraud Investigation

COVID NY Update: Cuomo announces steep penalties for vaccine fraud in New  York amid Parcare investigation - ABC7 New York

State Attorney General Letitia James has renounced the ParCare vaccine investigation “to avoid even the appearance of conflict,” she told The Post.
The AG will continue to examine whether the ParCare Community Health Network has “fraudulently” received 2,300 doses of the prized Moderna COVID-19 vaccine, a case pointed to by Gov.Cuomo, but James will have “zero involvement,” officials said.

James is a clumsy guy with the manager of the network that operates four Brooklyn hospitals. One in upstate Kiryas Joel and the other in Harlem.

Reg. Cuomo and State Health Commissioner Howard Zucker accused ParCare of misidentifying itself as a “qualified health center” to procure a vaccine from the State Health Department.

ProCare also stated that 869 of the 2,300 doses of the vaccine had been delivered and turned over the rest. Along with the paperwork on the correct receipt of the vaccinations. ParCare denied any misconduct and promised to assist with the investigation.

The rebuttal was revealed after concerns were raised as to whether James—former Brooklyn City Councilwoman and NYC Public Advocate—is too cozy with PareCare CEO Gary Schlesinger.

A fixture in the Orthodox Jewish culture, Schlesinger was widely pictured posing alongside James at the 2015 Democratic Party fund-raiser at the Junior Restaurant in downtown Brooklyn.

In January 2016, Schlesinger also shared a Facebook photo of himself alongside James and ParCare’s executive staff, titled, “Catching up with NYC’s energetic Public Advocate Letitia James to discuss the health needs of Brooklyn’s underserved communities.”

In  2017, Schlesinger posted a photo of himself and James “celebrating last night with my friend,” calling her the “future NYC mayor.”

James also stood for the State Attorney General instead of the Mayor in 2018. Schlesinger was a key backer of the James AG movement. And was allegedly interested in running the PAC to help her get elected.

“I endorse Tish James, who is committed to fair justice for all and religious freedom. Which is why I join Jewish community leaders and advocates in endorsing her,” Schlesinger wrote on Facebook.

The history of Schlesinger’s political partnership with James. And of Cuomo plunging the ParCare investigation into the AG’s lap, has raised eyebrows.

No one’s taking it seriously as a threat,” said an Orthodox Jewish resident.  “It’s known she’s very good friends with the Hasidic community. She’s  unlikely to do anything  to jeopardize that relationship.”

AG officials also said that the Brooklyn-born James knows a wide variety of political and cultural figures in the borough. And that his friendship with Schlesinger did not compromise the investigation.

“Our office will follow the facts and the law wherever they may lead,” a spokesperson said in the statement.



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