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5 Useful Digital Tools for Teachers in 2022

It’s 2022, and it is so glaring that technology has taken over everything. Most people these days cannot function without one digital tool or the other for their day-to-day functions. Some apps are so popular and helpful now that many may wonder how they survived before the app was developed.

Teachers are not left out. Due to the ever-changing and evolving world, teachers have adopted digital tools into the classroom as learning aids. This new age is making demands on teachers, and many are adapting fast. Traditional teaching methods are becoming obsolete for students, and digital tools are now serving as an all-important aid.

The internet has been an essential tool for schoolwork, homework, and research for students. A simple google search, “who can revise my paper”, would deliver thousands of results that would help any student. Regardless of the work they need, there are hundreds of ready tools to help. So, let’s explore five useful digital tools that can help teachers teach better.

What Are Some Useful Digital Tools for Teachers?


Socrative is a quiz-based online tool designed to help teachers and students with remote tests and quizzes. In addition, it allows teachers and students to communicate well digitally. Essentially, it solves the problem of taking tests online and gives instant feedback and marking.

Socrative is also fun to use. It creates fun around a testing environment and helps dissipate negative emotions during class tests. Several types of assessments are available on Socrative, and the beauty is that you can get immediate insights.


Edmodo is a digital learning tool designed to create interaction among teachers, students, and parents in the learning process. It helps the teacher create groups, form a community, and share information with specific groups and communities in the network.

It also helps parents keep up to date with their children’s progress and grades. Thus, parents know exactly where their children need help and how best to assist them.

Explain Everything

Explain Everything is a tool that allows students and teachers to collaborate on a digital interactive whiteboard. It strongly encourages group activities and can be integrated with many useful apps like Dropbox, Onedrive, Evernote, and GDrive. It is very easy to use and helps teachers and students express their ideas easily and concisely. Edmodo is available as an app for Android, iPad, and Chromebook.

Google Classroom

Google designed Google Classroom to help teachers organize their classes as simply and seamlessly as possible. The teacher only needs to create a virtual class and invite students to it via Gmail. Every student who joins the class will be connected to the teacher and the students and have access to all the information the teacher puts out.

The teacher can give tests and assignments to the class and create deadlines for tasks assigned.


Edpuzzle is a great teaching tool for classrooms because it combines fun and interaction with learning. Research has shown that most people tend to learn and assimilate more with visual aids. Edpuzzle is a tool that enables teachers to create cool interactive video lessons for their students.

Teachers can also edit online videos, repurpose them specifically for their class, and add class-specific instructions and voice-overs. Again, this tends to keep students more engaged.


Technology has changed the world’s approach to education and learning. There are enough digital tools now for every level of teaching and learning that no one has an excuse not to have knowledge. Teachers are getting better every day at their craft, and it’s getting easier to teach, test, and grade students.

Apart from apps, students can easily find help online for their work and studies. For example, they can search online for “what I need to do my homework,” or they could look for the exact tools to help them with their work. Either way, enough digital help abounds online for students and teachers.


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