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50 Technology Topics for Five-Star Research Papers

Do you have to write a research paper? Are you searching for technology topics that will help you create a five-star paper? You have come to the right place. Here we will come up with a list of 50 topics that will add value to your research paper.

This is one of the common tasks students have while in college. And as any student, you want to impress your professors and stand out from the crowd. Not only your topic is important, but how you have conducted your research and written your paper too.

This is why it’s important to start your research paper ahead of the deadline so that you give yourself the time you need to complete it. Also, you can use an online service if you need to get superior papers in time.

But the first step is to choose your topic. Here are 50 of them that will inspire you to create a five-star research paper.

1. Self-driving vehicles seem to be the way to the future. But are they the safe choice? Pros and cons

2. How will technology change and develop over the next few decades?

3. Technology has emerged and changed a lot during the last few decades. How is the childhood of kids who grow up in a highly-technological world compared with that of college-age students?

4. Technology is appreciated for its positive effects on people’s lifestyle, healthcare, transportation, and so on. But social media, a part of technology, seems to have a negative effect on users’ mental health. How does social media change the world?

5. Digital tools are getting better and better. How can they influence the productivity of workers?

6. The rise of cyberattacks: a competition on our data

7. The difference between computers and the human mind/brain

8. Will artificial intelligence take over our world and rule it?

9. How machine learning helps people change their perspective on the world and take on more life opportunities

10. Technology is making healthcare better and more and more parents are choosing to do genetic tests. When should they share it with their children and how?

11. Is it ethical/moral to choose the genes of your child?

12. Adopting frozen embryos gains more momentum: should it be encouraged?

13. Infertility is increasing. How can assisted reproductive technologies help couples?

14. About the effects of ethical hacking on today’s society

15. Video game addiction is increasing all over the world. How can we use technology to treat it?

16. The risks and dangers of making digital voting available

17. The benefits of VPN services for keeping your anonymity online

18. The global pandemic has changed the relationship people have with technology, but how?

19. Organic food vs genetically produced food

20. Cutting down trees has a devastating impact on the health of our planet. But technology could reduce this. Are digital books good enough to replace print ones?

21. The rise of chatbots. How can they replace human customer representatives?

22. Could artificial intelligence robots replace teachers?

23. The role of pesticides in the process of diagnosing cancer

24. Media is an intertwined part of our lives. But what are its effects? Is it doing worse than good?

25. Developing technology has created the perfect environment for the internet to emerge. But how has the internet changed media over the years?

26. Blockchain technology: how has it emerged and evolved over the years? Current status

27. Phishing is putting our money, data, and all other sensitive information at risk. Is it feasible to completely eliminate phishing?

28. Renewable technology is gaining more momentum, as the toll we put on the planet is bigger and bigger. How can we design batteries that can store the extra energy?

29. The biomass from algae can be used to create biofuel. About the advanced technology making eco-friendly solutions

30. Can 3D printing reduce the number of waste people generates?

31. Overall, about one-third of the world’s food is thrown away. How can technology help reduce food waste?

32. Edible cling film: its production and safety for the health of humans

33. Artificial organs: is a technology offering the tools we need to do it?

34. How can technology help the pharmaceutical domain advance even further?

35. Countries around the world are disproportionately developed. Because the access to basic rights, technology, education, and healthcare differ from country to country, should everyone have access to the same technological opportunities?

36. Solving world problems in an ingenious way: designing a video game for testing the options

37. Storing, protecting, and managing data safely in a multinational company

38. Google has changed the way people work, write, search for information, and live. How is life nowadays compared with the one before Google?

39. Traveling around the world will change considerably. What are the advancements that will be done in the next few years?

40. Transportation by plane is the most polluting one. How can technology help reduce the strain put on the environment?

41. How can the latest technology improve and boost the teaching process?

42. Exploring other planets is now possible. What technologies and how are they used in this process?

43. More and more accidents happen because people stay on their smartphones while driving. What are the dangers and solutions?

44. Electric scooters face bans and restrictions around the world. But why?

45. Electric trucks: the effects on climate change and logistics

46. Online education and its effects on teaching, learning, and the engagement of students

47. Teleportation has been investigated over the years. The mysteries and physics

48. A food crisis is on its way due to the war in Ukraine. Can we use genetically produced foods to solve it?

49. Colonizing other planets: is technology making this idea closer and closer to reality?

50. Improving the internet: is it possible?


Sometimes, you may need just a spark of imagination to choose a nice topic for your paper. This list of 50 technology topics will help you write a five-star research paper.