5 Ground-Breaking Movies That You Need to Watch Today

Some movies stand out and remain in our memory long after we watch them, while others become comfort films that we go back to every time we want to relax or revisit our favourite scenes. But we all tend to forget the film industry is also impacted by many cultural and technological trends that have redefined how films are made and presented to the audience. In this article, we will cover five ground-breaking movies that you need to watch if you haven’t already. 

Ocean’s Eleven  

Ocean’s Eleven is another legendary film that you need to watch from the franchise. Danny Ocean, played by George Clooney, assembles a group of thieves, con-artists, and gangsters while attempting to steal from his sworn enemy, who happens to be the owner of the largest and most famous casino resorts in Las Vegas – the Bellagio and MMG hotel and casino resort.   

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Practical Magic  

Practical Magic is an enchanting cult classic based on the novel of the same name by Allice Hoffman. The film follows the magical lives of the Owens sisters and aunts. Sally and Gillian Owens move in with their aunts, Jet and Frances, after the untimely death of their parents. Each sister has inherited a vastly different gift for magic, and they are raised by their eccentric, equally gifted aunts, who are basically outcasts in the small town.   

Gillan is free-spirited and beautiful and quickly moves out as soon as she turns 18, where she has many adventures with different men, but one actually breaks her heart and is quite dangerous. So, her sister Sally came to her rescue to help her escape the toxic relationship. But, they make a mistake that leaves them with a dead body in their hands. When they come back home, a police officer is investigating the murder. 

The Graduate 

Based on the novel of the same name by Charles Webb, the film isn’t’ ground-breaking for its special effects, as there are none, but it’s ground-breaking for being the first film to depict a relationship between a younger awkward male character who falls in love with a much older woman. It doesn’t follow any cliché dynamic that was depicted on screen before, and it also breaks a lot of prejudice with its plot in terms of romance.  

Harry Potter   

Harry Potter is undeniably one of the most popular film franchises. Each sequel is based on a specific book by J.K Rowling. The first film follows Harry Potter (Daniel Radcliff) in his first year of Hogwarts, the magical school of Witchcraft and Wizardry and his adventures with Hermione (Emma Watson) and Ron Weasley (Rupert Grint) as they try to retrieve the Philosopher’s Stone. The next films are more mature and darker in comparison, but they are fairly true to the books.  

In a lot of ways, the Harry Potter franchise is ground-breaking because it incorporated beautiful artistry and realistic visual effects, especially in the last films. The novels themselves were a cultural phenomenon which only contributed to the popularity of the films. 


Avatar is a ground-breaking film on many levels. First, it broke many records as the high-grossing film in 3D. Next, it was the first film to rely on extensive use of motion capture, a new tech innovation that successfully replicated the movements into realistic 3D models by the computer. This kind of CGI was previously used in films like Lord of the Rings, but Avatar is the first of its kind to use the technology in this way.  

When it comes to the plot, it is not as ground-breaking, but it still has a good message. The story follows the journey of Jake, who replaces his twin brother in a beautiful alien world of Pandora inhabited by the Na’vi. After he infiltrates their community, he has to make a difficult decision to choose whether he will join the Na’vi or remain loyal to the corporation that sent him there.  


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