Zac And Elizabeth Still Together? How Was Their Love Island Journey?

In “Love Island,” a group of unmarried people lives in a villa on a remote island for a month to find love and win a lot of money. Contestants are constantly filmed and forced to form relationships. The U.K. series has become a franchise that delivers drama, romance, and heartache.

Zac and Elizabeth: Love Island Journey

Are Zac and Elizabeth still together? Love Island 2019 winners intrigue fans

The first season of “Love Island” US introduced us to 22-year-old Chicago native Zac Mirabelli and 24-year-old New York model Elizabeth Weber. The two met on the first day in the villa and decided to date after talking for a bit. “When I initially stepped into the villa and saw Elizabeth, I knew quickly that she was the person that I wanted to couple up with, just purely off of physical attraction,” Zac told People later. I was her type too.”

They bonded! Zac and Elizabeth were the only pair to stay together after being given the chance to re-couple. Zac and Elizabeth were instant favorites due to their inseparability. Their date nights, hushed discussions, and lack of island drama made their relationship seem perfect.

After Zac asked her to be his girlfriend, their relationship only improved. The couple was the first of 25 competitors to commit. Before the show finished, they confessed their love and met each other’s families. Zac and Elizabeth won season one of “Love Island” with Elizabeth winning $100,000. She shared the gains with her lover, who helped her succeed.

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Zac and Elizabeth: Still Together?

Love Island' Winners Zac Mirabelli and Elizabeth Weber on Going From Island Life to Real Life (Exclusive) | Entertainment Tonight

No. After the show finished, Zac and Elizabeth dated for a few months before splitting in December 2019. Zac and Elizabeth said it was weird to find love on TV. The actual world and long-distance romance need adjustment.

The pair traveled and vacationed together for a period. In December 2019, they broke up after intending to move to a city together. Both are explained in Instagram stories. Zac wrote: “The separation was mutual and we left on nice terms.

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We wanted different things, and it wasn’t fair to either of us to follow a road that no longer benefited either of us or our distinct interests.” Elizabeth stated, “I had wished things might have turned out differently life doesn’t always work out.”

Their breakup seems amicable. They haven’t dated anyone else in the months since they broke up either. The only update is that Zac officially began his profession as a model. In March 2020, he revealed that he was signed by Ford Models New York and was delighted to start this new journey.

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