Without Netflix, Could There Be Season 2 Of The Sandman?

The Sandman’s creator Neil Gaiman discusses the possibility of season 2 airing without the streaming service. The Sandman, which airs on Netflix and is based on Gaiman’s comic book series of the same name, was a huge success. Morpheus (Tom Sturridge), the dream realm’s embodiment, is imprisoned for more than a century at the beginning of the show. The Sandman adaptation on Netflix was years in the making, but it was well worth the wait since it stays true to Gaiman’s novels.

The Sandman has been one of the most popular streaming series in the world over the past few weeks, thanks to passionate fan support and generally favorable reviews. Gaiman has turned to Twitter, not only to gush about the show’s massive popularity but also to update fans on the development of season two. Season 1 of The Sandman closes up most of its storylines but leaves a few open, making it obvious that season 2 will continue the sagas of Dream (Mason Alexander Park), Desire (Gwendoline Christie), and the rest of the characters. Nonetheless, Gaiman warns that Netflix may still choose not to renew the show despite its popularity.

Even if Netflix doesn’t pick up The Sandman for a season 2, Gaiman tells Rolling Stone readers not to give up hope just yet. The author explains that he and the show’s creators made provisions in early negotiations with Netflix to allow them to keep telling the story if Netflix decided not to. Gaiman says he hopes those alternatives aren’t necessary because he appreciates working with Netflix so much. Read on for the rest of Gaiman’s insightful comment:

“Back when we put the deal together, we made sure that there were ways to continue with Sandman. But we also all hoped that none of them would possibly be necessary because we love our Netflix people and they love us. And they’ve been amazing. I mean, they even made a secret 11th episode of Sandman.”

As Gaiman has already noted, the high production value and a large cast of characters, settings, and special effects that comprise The Sandman make its renewal less certain than many viewers might hope. Even though Gaiman doesn’t say where else The Sandman could end up, the show’s popularity suggests it could be a compelling offer for other streaming providers. Still, Season 2 on another streaming service might have fewer episodes or a more limited scope than Season 1 because of the show’s high production costs.

Nonetheless, it’s evident that Gaiman is hoping The Sandman will have a future on Netflix since the service has a history of empowering minority and female voices in Hollywood. However, Netflix has been known to terminate shows after only one or two seasons, leaving the renewal of The Sandman in serious doubt. The future of The Sandman on Netflix is uncertain, but at least fans know that even if the show is canceled, their dreams may not be dashed forever.

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