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Who is Wilbur Soot’s Girlfriend? Is He Dating Someone ?


Who is Wilbur Soot’s Girlfriend?. Is he dating fellow Twitch and YouTube streamer Nikki Nihachu or not?. Well, Wilbur is a famous Internet personality, so it’s likely you have seen his face somewhere before.

Recently as he has streamed with Nikki for the first time fans have been speculating something was going And if you surf the internet, then the tabloid gives us a situation where Nikki is Wilbur’s girlfriend. It becomes really difficult to distinguish between genuine news and unsubstantiated rumors as we all know how rumors work. It becomes thicker as it spreads.

Who is Wilbur Soot’s Girlfriend?

As of now, Wilbur Soot does not have a girlfriend. If your dating someone while being in the public eye, there is going to be some attention directed at who you are seeing and if they happen to be from another country or where they might live or what their profession is. Wilbur has not revealed his dating life, but he has been linked to fellow-streamer Nikki. Filipina personality Nikki Gil avidly denies her involvement with Filipino American actor Wilbur Soot. However, the two share undeniable chemistry and are rumored to be an item.

This article focuses on Wilbur Soot’s girlfriend who is the streamer dating in 2021.Willbur Soot Girlfriend

More about Wilbur Soot’s Professional life

Previously known as Wilbur Yaxché, a popular Minecraft player and now streamer on the website Twitch, he’s more than just that. He also works with the comedy group SootHouse starting in 2017. With just a Minecraft stream, the 24-year YouTube sensation boasts almost 5.6 million followers. The start of his rather long journey on Youtube dates back to 2008.

He is quite active on Twitch as well. As of now, he has 3.6 million followers on his twitch account. This makes him the 41st most-followed channel on the platform. Last year Soot joined roleplay-focused Minecraft server Dream SMP and has been dating one of its female staff members for a while now. In addition to his work as a film actor, Anil has established himself in the field of song composition, singing and writing.
Apart from all this, he has also released seven singles over the course of his career; most recently one is Your New Boyfriend. This song became a huge success and peaked at no. 65 on the U.K Singles Chart and No. 10 on the UK Indie Chart, following his first single in 2018 with The Nice Guy Ballad, Maybe I was Boring, I Am Very Smart, and Internet Ruined Me.

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Other Interests

Lovejoy is an English Indie rock band composed of lead singer and songwriter, Wilbur Soot. He also participated in a chess tournament Block Champs. Unfortunately, unlike all the other gaming competitions, he got eliminated in the first round itself. By the end of 2020, his Youtube channel had reached 2 million subscribers.

This resulted in a Gold Creator award for the professional athlete and streamer as his many videos about everything from animation to social media demonstrated that he has an authentic interest in learning from these very topics. He attended VidCon European to speak on behalf of their new work with The only award he hasn’t won is the Diamond Creator Award. Hopefully, he gets that too.Wilbur Soot is also a vocalist and instrumentalist.

With all the talk about who Gamers Club Online’s streamer girlfriend might be it has made us wonder just how much she is making on youtube.

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