Who Is Niall Horan Dating

Who Is Niall Horan Dating: His Love Life And Relationship Timeline


Take things to the next level, shall we? When Niall Horan and his female friend Amelia Woolley decided to make their relationship official on the pink carpet in September 2021, the first rumors of their romance began to circulate more than a year later.

While attending Niall’s Horan’s Rose Gala to raise money for charity, the duo posed for a photo together as they entered the event. The pair first became involved in July 2020, when they were dating.

With his performance, the “Slow Hands” singer donned a yellowish mustard swimsuit with a white shirt and black pajama sleepers, while Amelia donned a black lace dress for her part as a model. As Niall moved his arm around his girlfriend’s waist, they exchanged smirking glances.

According to reports, the One Direction singer was first seen cuddling up to Amelia in a series of Instagram Stories shared by his buddies in the early summers of 2020.

At the time, it was the first publication to report that the two were more than just friends, with insiders informing the publication that “lockdown has deepened his feelings for her.”

“He thinks Amelia is beautiful, but they also have a great relationship,” he says. In addition, she’s advised to close friends that this should be the main project,” the source said at the time. “Amelia has invested a significant amount of time in becoming familiar with Niall in his London apartment after the lifting of lockdown limitations.”

Niall and Amelia have yet to discuss their relationship officially; however, only a few days after news of their romance broke, she took to Snapchat to post a photo with Niall with the comment, “Sunday’s vibe.” Niall and Amelia have yet to discuss their relationship publicly.

The couple seemed at ease in the black-and-white photograph as they hung around together.

Although they have spent much of their time together out of the spotlight, the pair has kept a little record of their relationship. However, in May 2021, the Daily Mail obtained images of Niall and Amelia taking a rare time out in London at the same time, which they published.

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The former 1D member can walk with his girlfriend in the photographs. As shown here, who was considered stylish while wearing an enormous black coat and white slacks with Converse shoes?

Niall dresses in white pants and a blue woolen shirt, which gives him a more relaxed and at ease appearance. Followers reacted enthusiastically to the pair’s relationship on social media, sending them sweets in the form of direct messages.

Because Amelia seems to take pleasure in keeping her personal life a secret, there isn’t much to learn about Niall’s new partner. As a result, we broke down the whole situation to better comprehend the Birmingham, England native who has traveled so far in this process.

Who Is Niall Horan Dating: How did Niall and Amelia meet?

Niall’s new affair with Amelia is hardly mentioned in the episode. However, a source close to the artist revealed to the Mail Online that the two had met in London earlier this year.

As a supplier told the newspaper, “They met in London, where Amelia was working for a shoe clothier at the time.” Nicholas Kirkwood accompanied her to Kensington for her professional duties.

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“Amelia has invested a significant amount of time in becoming acquainted with Niall at his London apartment since lockdown limitations were lifted.”

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