Who Is Uncle Howdy? WWE Fans Seem To Find Out Who Really Attacked Bray Wyatt On SmackDown?

On SmackDown, WWE fans were shocked when Uncle Howdy beat up Bray Wyatt in front of his rival, LA Knight. The former world champion, who broke his finger earlier this week, started the last show of 2022 by talking about how he attacked a cameraman for no reason last week and apologized for it. People want to know who Uncle Howdy is. Did He really reveal his identity?

Who Is Uncle Howdy?

Uncle Howdy looked ominous as he took off his top hat and walked into the ring, and the dim lighting made sure that no one knew who he was yet. Even though he was standing next to Wyatt, he turned around and dropped the former host of the Firefly Fun House with his own signature Sister Abigail move, which shocked the crowd.

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Knight looked as shocked as everyone else in the crowd as he asked what was going on from ringside while Wyatt lay on the floor. It is still unclear who is behind the Uncle Howdy character and how they will fit into Bray Wyatt’s larger story after his return. The Royal Rumble also raises a lot of questions.

After close-up pictures of Howdy were shared on social media, fans came up with some ideas about who might be behind the mask. Edge and Wyatt’s real-life brother Bo Dallas were both named as possible candidates. Dutch and Vincent, who used to be on Ring of Honor, are also possibilities. Because Uncle Howdy looks so different, some people think he is a whole new character.

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