Who Is Alison Hammond Dating Now? Let’s Explore The Truth!

Alison Hammond is now one of the most popular TV hosts in the country. The star has been a regular guest on ITV’s This Morning for a number of years. Last year, she joined Dermot O’Leary as a co-host for Friday shows.

But people know less about her personal life than they do about her very successful TV career. If you want to know about Alison Hammond’s love life, you don’t have to look any further.

Who Is Alison Hammond’s Partner?


Alison Hammond wants to keep her personal life out of the public eye, so she hasn’t told anyone who her partner is. Dermot let the secret out on This Morning, and it wasn’t until recently that the broadcaster said she had a boyfriend, to begin with.

In May, Alison and Dermot were doing their usual Friday morning show when Dermot told Alison that she was “no longer available.” Alison asked in a sneaky way, “What do you mean I’m not available? Are you trying to say I’m not available?”

Dermot then picked up on the tone and said, “I don’t know, I’m so confused now!” Alison chimed in: “Am I not unavailable? Does my life have someone? Well, you just told everyone, so thank you!”

What Does Alison Hammond Have To Say About Dating?

After Alison’s relationship status was revealed on This Morning, the celebrity revealed to the Sun that she had concealed her boyfriend for over a year! “I’ve been with him for a year and a half, and no one knew! He adores me immensely. Each and every day, he worships me and massages my feet. What else could you want?”

In October, she also made a rare comment about her “special someone” on the red carpet preceding The Ethnicity Awards. Alison told MailOnline that she had not ruled out becoming engaged again.

“There is a special someone, and if he wants to propose, he can pop away.” Despite her assertions, “despite being “so proud” of her accomplishments, the host stated, “I still don’t believe I’ve made it.” But it’s still good, right? Because you just want to keep going, and it depends on my definition of success. Perhaps I define success as being married, but I am not married, so perhaps I have not yet achieved success.”

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