Is Jack Harlow Gay? Here’s What We Know About His Sexuality

Jackman Thomas Harlow is an American rapper from Louisville, Kentucky. He was born on March 13, 1998. He started his career in 2015 and put out a few EPs and mixtapes before Don Cannon and DJ Drama’s record label Generation Now, an imprint of Atlantic Records, signed him in 2018.

As a rapper, he shows that he can think outside the box by giving second place in his music video “Industry Baby” to openly gay pop star Lil Nas X. Fans talked openly about Jack Harlow’s sexuality after the music video and now everyone wants to know: is Jack Harlow gay? Is he a guy? Maybe he’s gay?

Read on to find out why people think he’s gay and what the evidence says about his sexuality.

Is Jack Harlow Gay?

Jack Harlow isn’t gay, but he hasn’t really talked about his sexuality either. Celebrities shouldn’t have to come out and tell everyone what they want to do with their bodies. Instead, we should think of it as a nice bonus when fans are occasionally let in on the details.

Jack Harlow: Career Details

The Handsome Harlow, an EP, was Harlow’s first record for sale. It came out in November 2015. It came out on the sonaBLAST! record label, which is run by Gill Holland.  During high school, he often played shows at the Mercury Ballroom, Headliners, and the Haymarket Whiskey Bar in Louisville that sold out.  He opened for Vince Staples in Louisville in March 2016.

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In June 2016, less than a month after he graduated from Atherton High School, he put out the mixtape 18 as the first album on his label and music collective, Private Garden.

The collective also includes Ace Pro, 2forWoyne, Shloob, Quiiso, Ronnie Lucciano, and the Homies, a group of Louisville rappers and producers who often work with Harlow.
Harlow played at South by Southwest, the Bonnaroo Music Festival, and the Forecastle Festival over the next year.

The single “Routine” by Harlow came out in the summer of 2017. In October of that year, he put out a new single called “Dark Knight” along with a music video. He says that Cyhi the Prynce helped him finish the song when he couldn’t think of anything to write. 20. Harlow’s mixtape Gazebo, which came out in November 2017, had “Dark Knight” as the lead single.

To promote the album, Harlow went on a 14-city tour called the Gazebo Tour. The tour ended in January 2018. The Homies opened for Harlow.  In May of 2018, Harlow was the opening act for the indie rock band Portugal. The Man on some dates of his tour.  The following month, he was on the Skeme song “Get Sumn” with Lil James and Sixteen.

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