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Who is Sidney Powell’s ex-husband, Jack Gilbert?

American lawyer, ex-federal prosecutor, and self-proclaimed “conspiracy theorist” Sidney Katherine Powell was born on May 1, 1955. She has gained notoriety for her efforts to overturn the upcoming presidential election in the United States in 2020, prompting the State Bar of Texas to seek sanctions against her, up to and including disbarment.

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Sidney Katherine Powell was raised in Raleigh after being born in Durham, North Carolina. She always knew she wanted to be a lawyer.

Although Powell’s marriage ended in divorce “decades ago,” they are parents to a son. As early as 2004, she began working to aid women who had been victims of domestic violence. She has volunteered at women’s shelters and with other nonprofits.

Powell was not remembered as “being a staunch conservative or even very political” by those who knew her in those settings. In 2013, Powell took on the role of executive producer for the drama Decoding Annie Parker, helping to steer the project toward a commercial release.

Annie Parker and her role in the discovery of the BRCA1 breast cancer gene are the subjects of this biopic. Powell oversaw screenings of the film for charity, which brought in about $1 million for organizations fighting breast cancer.

Who Jack Gilbert is?
U.S. attorney Sidney Powell is the ex-husband of Jack Gilbert.

It is believed that the couple was married for ten years, but theirs was not a happily ever after marriage because they recently divorced. Since she hasn’t said anything to indicate otherwise, we can assume she is currently single.



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