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Who Is Maryka? Know All About Maryka And Adam Levine Affair Rumors!

Maryka is a comedian who enjoys getting tattoos. The comedian recently posted a series of Instagram stories in which she claimed Adam Levine was flirting with her. She told the Daily Mail that the singer texted her, saying, “I’m now obsessed with you.” “Dude, aren’t you like married LOL?” Maryka responded.

Levine admitted to doing it, but added, “it’s a little complicated.” “I should have known better than to flirt with anyone but my wife,” Levine said on his Instagram story on Tuesday, September 20. “I didn’t have an affair,” he continued, “but I did do something wrong during a bad time in my life.” It was no longer appropriate at times.
I’ve discussed it with my family and taken steps to resolve the issue.” “All I care about in this world is my wife and my family,” he added. Being so naive and stupid as to jeopardize the only thing that truly mattered to me was the worst mistake I could ever make. I’ll never do it again. I accept full responsibility for everything. We’ll make it, and we’ll make it together.”

Who is Maryka?

Maryka is a tattoo collector and rumored comedian.

She has over 43k Instagram followers, @mvrykv_, where she frequently posts pictures of her tattoo-covered hourglass figure. Although little is known about Maryka, she appears to enjoy flaunting her latest tattoos.

When Was Maryka Born?

Maryka, who is 20 years old, was born in the US in the year 2002. We don’t have a lot of information about her parents or siblings. But very soon, we’ll make an effort to learn more about them.

Who is Maryka’s Boyfriend?

Maryka has kept her relationship status a secret from everyone. But we are unsure of her current romantic status. We’ll let you know if we learn anything about her romantic relationships. Keep checking back for updates until then so you can learn more soon.

Two Women Have Made Allegations Against Levine.

According to the Daily Mail, two other women have accused the former The Voice judge of sending them flirtatious messages on Instagram.

Comedian Maryka and Instagram personality Alyson Rose have both posted alleged screenshots of Instagram DMs sent by Levine.

In a series of Instagram stories, Maryka used the hashtag #ExposeAdamLevine to share the alleged messages, claiming that Levine had sent her a short video of himself.

Alyson went viral on TikTok after posting screenshots of alleged texts between herself and the singer. According to the Daily Mail, she stated that she did not feel comfortable posting everything online.

What did Maryka have to say about the Adam Levine affair rumors?

Maryka and Instagram influencer Alyson Rose accused Adam Levine of DM flirting with them on September 20.

Alanna Zabel, Levine’s former yoga instructor from 2007 to 2010, also took to social media on the same day to share her alleged encounter with the singer’s raunchy messages.

All three accusations came a day after model and influencer Sumner Stroh posted a video on her TikTok page detailing her alleged year-long affair with Maroon 5 frontman Adam Levine. On Tuesday, Maryka used the hashtag #ExposeAdamLevine to share the alleged messages between her and Levine via Instagram stories.

What Are the Charges Leveled Against Adam Levine?

Following Sumner Stroh’s Tiktok video, a barrage of accusations about the Maroon 5 singer’s verbal abuse erupted. On September 20, Instagram influencers Alyson Rose and Maryka accused Levine of online flirting with them. Alanna Zabel, Levine’s former yoga instructor, revealed what she was hiding alongside the two women.

She took her experience with the songster’s raunchy messages right after the online confrontation. In a series of Instagram stories on Tuesday, Maryka used the hashtag #ExposeAdamLevine.

There, she revealed practically everything about the singer’s impending lawsuit. The rest of the alleged chat, however, was shared by a TikTok channel, @igfamousbydana. The tea channel’s screenshots revealed the duo’s flowing conversation, in which Levien complimented Maryka’s hourglass figure. Maryka even claimed Levine texted her a video of himself.

Levine expressed his obsession with the comedian at one point, to which she replied, “Aren’t you married?” As far as we know, he and Behati Prinsloo are having marital problems.

From June to July of 2022, the alleged flirty cum NSFW messages were said. Levine easily overstepped his bounds, even saying that Maryka’s body was ridiculous and that he would do anything for it.

Meanwhile, the second woman, TikTok user Alyson, posted another screenshot and captions, which have since been removed, claiming that Levine texted her about his family matters, after which she uploaded a screenshot with the text “We, shouldn’t be talking right now.”

Because Alyson knew Levine’s tattoo artist, she had no qualms about saying a few words to the singer, but his tone changed and he began to ask for her photos.

Although the two’s initial conversations seemed appropriate, things got steamier with each exchange. According to Alyson, she is not comfortable revealing everything on social media because it may jeopardize her relationship with her current boyfriend. But she still climbed the mountain to inspire other women to follow in her footsteps.

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