Who Is Ej Johnson Dating: Is He In A Relationship With Milan Christopher?

EJ has been the subject of celebrity rumors because of his amazing weight loss, eye-catching style choices, and admirable way of being open about his sexuality. But his love always made the top of the list.

EJ Johnson is a TV star and socialite from the United States. Many people are interested in who he is dating and often ask, “Who is EJ Johnson dating?” This article will tell us everything we need to know about who EJ Johnson has dated in the past and who he is dating now.

Who Is EJ Johnson Dating?

EJ Johnson

Over the years, EJ Johnson has been able to get a lot of attention from the media thanks to his unique fashion choices and inspiring transitional journey. The paparazzi have also been interested in the reality TV star’s personal life.

Even though the reality TV star has talked about the difficulties he faced when he came out to the public, EJ has kept his dating life out of the public eye.

So much so that a reality TV star has said that dating has always been a fight because most of the people he has met and dated have been people who were out to get his father and fame.

EJ said in a very interesting interview that he has never been in a relationship where he was sure enough to introduce the person to his family.

EJ also says that it happens because every time he’s ready, something else happens. The EJNYC star is pretty private about who he dates.

Relationship Of EJ Johnson And Milan Christopher

In 2017, rumors started to spread that EJ was linked to Christopher Milan, a former “Love & Hip Hop” star. People began to think that they were dating after they were seen having lunch together at Toast in Hollywood.

Those ideas had by no means been confirmed. Since neither of them said that the rumors were false, many people took their silence as proof that they were a couple.

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