Who Is EJ Johnson Dating

Who Is EJ Johnson Dating: His Love Life Explored


Fans are curious as to who EJ Johnson is now seeing. Rich Kids Of Beverly Hills star Raj Johnson, an American television personality and socialite gained widespread prominence after appearing as a cast member on the famous reality television series Rich Kids Of Beverly Hills in 2014. 

The show’s first season included many returning cast members, including him. EJ was a regular part of the cast for the following three seasons, following his success and ascension to stardom. 

EJ has also been making news for his efforts as an activist, which has garnered widespread attention.

Although the Rich Kid series was discontinued after four seasons, EJ was already a well-known personality. He then went on to launch his reality television show as a spin-off. 

The reality series EJNYC made history one of the first to feature a young LGBTQ person of color as the main character. EJ Johnson went on to work as a news personality for E-News. 

The reality television star has spoken candidly about his transitioning period on several occasions. Look into the specifics of who EJ Johnson is dating to find out more. 

True or not, the reality television personality said he had difficulty dating since he comes from a family of celebrities, surprising to him.

Who Is EJ Johnson Dating?

EJ Johnson has been able to get enough media attention throughout his career for his unorthodox fashion choices and his inspirational transitional path. 

He has also been the subject of paparazzi attention for his personal life and reality television career. However, although the reality television personality has spoken openly about the difficulties he has had since coming out in the public view, EJ has kept his personal life out of the public glare.

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So much so that the reality TV personality has revealed that dating has always been a hardship for him since the majority of the people he has met and dated have turned out to be devious individuals who want his father and his celebrity. 

When asked about his past relationships, EJ said he has never had a relationship where he felt confident enough to introduce a partner to the family. 

EJ explains that it occurs because something unexpected happens to him every time he is prepared. The EJNYC star maintains a high level of secrecy regarding his personal life.

Is EJ Johnson Dating Milan Christopher?

However, although the television personality has kept his personal life under wraps, media tabloids have speculated about a possible relationship between EJ and former Love & Hip Hop star Milan Christopher

Although none has verified the claims, the claimed pair has been seen having lunch together by newspapers. The story of a relationship between EJ and Milan has died down, and there isn’t much chatter about it anymore.

The two have been sighted together at Toast, a popular hangout in Hollywood’s West Hollywood neighborhood. However, none of them has publicly addressed the allegations of a relationship between them. 

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Aside from these purported allegations, EJ once got into a fight with his sister over a guy who seemed to be playing both of them at the same time!

After garnering widespread notice, the disagreement devolved into a savage debate amongst the parties involved. The Johnson brothers’ fight was captured on their famous reality television program, EJNYC, broadcast on the internet.

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