Alexandra Daddario Boyfriend

Alexandra Daddario Boyfriend: Her Dating History


In a new Instagram post, Alexandra Daddario exposed her boyfriend, Andrew Form, to the world. As we continue our investigation into Alexandra’s dating life, here’s a peek at who Andrew is.

The actress has often remained mum about her personal life. However, she eventually admitted it in an Instagram photo loaded with PDA. 

The image has already received millions of likes, yet few people are familiar with the guy in the photograph. Everything you need to know regarding Alexandra’s boyfriend is included here.

Alexandra Daddario Boyfriend: ANDREW FORM

Andrew is a well-known film producer in the United States. He produced Friday the 13th, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and The Purge. He was also a part of the production of Quiet Place. Alexandra was previously enthused over Andrew’s role in Quiet Place 2. She had, however, never divulged his name.

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Andrew co-founded Platinum Dunes alongside Michael Bay and Brad Fuller, apart from film production. The studio is well-known for creating a variety of horror films.

Andrew was formerly married to Jordana Brewster, a Fast & Furious actress. The couple married in 2007 and now have two adorable children. They did, however, decide to divorce in 2020.

Alexandra Daddario Dating Life

Alexandra and Andrew became Instagram officials on May 24. She captioned a photo of them kissing, “I adore you…” and even that is an understatement.”

Alexandra was formerly connected to Brendan Wallace. The allegations began to circulate in July 2019 when photos of them enjoying a vacation in Italy went viral. However, this was the pair’s last sighting together.

Neither of them confirmed the existence of a romantic connection. Alexandra was also supposed to be dating Zac Efron in addition to Brendan. Their relationship became public when the two featured on Baywatch.

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Following this, Alexandra said unequivocally that she and Zac were just close friends. “We collaborate closely; he plays my romantic interest in the film,” she said. I understand why someone might go insane over something like that, but Zac and I are quite close.”

As previously said, Alexandra prefers to keep her private life secret. She did, however, decide to make things official with Andrew by posting a photo of their passionate kiss.

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