Who Is Ashley Benson Dating

Who Is Ashley Benson Dating: Relationship History And Dating Timeline


Dating in the spotlight is a great experience! Ashley Benson has been romantically connected to several well-known people during her career. Despite her, highly publicized two-year relationship with Cara Delevingne, the Pretty Little Liars actress likes to keep her relationships under wraps, according to Us Weekly.

“I want to keep my relationships private,” she said in an interview with Cosmopolitan U.K. in March 2021. “It’s clear that you can’t avoid being photographed with your partner. 

However, it is more holy in this manner. I believe that such intimate times are for you and your spouse alone and that it is important not to be over-exposed in them. You can truly preserve your connection if you are not taking advantage of it.”

Ashley said in the same interview that she finds it difficult to cope with “other people’s thoughts” regarding her dating life regularly.

“What can you do if rumors start spreading and tales turn out to be false? It is what is occurring, and I’m not going to sit here and say, ‘This isn’t true, this isn’t what is happening,'” she said. 

It’s the having to sit back and be silent while everyone is talking about you and having to cope with it that’s the most unpleasant part.” No matter what someone says about me until you know me, you have no genuine understanding of who I am.”

Who Is Ashley Benson Dating?

Cara Delevingne

Ashley and Cara originally met in 2018 and began dating shortly after. Although they stayed away from social media, they were often photographed together for the most part. The couple announced their separation in May 2020. 

“This divorce comes as no surprise to Ashely and Cara’s close circle,” a source told Life & Style in the wake of the couple’s split announcement. “The point is, no one wanted it to be true in the first place. 

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They were a fantastic team, an engaged couple everyone enjoyed having in their company. That is why this is so difficult.”

Ashley moved on from her relationship with the model and began dating G-Eazy. They were only together for a few months — from May 2020 to February 2021 — when the news of their split became public knowledge. 

While the couple did not publicly discuss their relationship, they were often spotted together in Los Angeles. The rapper described Ashley as “an extraordinarily gifted lady” during an interview with Entertainment Tonight in October 2020.

“She’s one of a kind,” G-Eazy raved about her. The fact that you may have such a secret, exceptional gift that the rest of the world doesn’t get to witness as frequently as you do blow me away.”

What led to the duo’s decision to call it quits is still a mystery. According to a source who spoke to Us Weekly in February 2021, their separation happened swiftly. 

“Ashley and G-Eazy fell in love with one other very quickly. Everything happened at a breakneck pace, and they were enamored with one another. 

A source said that “things have recently taken a bad turn for the worst.” The two of them were always quarreling, and it wasn’t healthy for either of them. Ashley is the one that brought everything to a close.”

Ryan Good

Ashley made her relationship with Ryan public in 2012. According to an interview with Teen Vogue, he was referred to as her boyfriend for “almost a year” at the time. Later, in March 2013, she revealed that they had ended their relationship.

“Anytime you’re going through a breakup, it’s difficult,” she said back then. The two of us are still friends, but I’m too young to be in a committed relationship at this point.” “Work is the love of my life.” Until 2017, they were said to have been on-again, off-again.

Tyler Blackburn

Tyler finally addressed the long-running idea that Ashley was dating her PLL costar during a June 2019 interview with Entertainment Weekly.

Tyler said at the time that they had never been formally dating. The borders between coworkers and friends were occasionally blurred as we simultaneously navigated our connection as coworkers and friends. 

We went through phases when we were more in love with one other, but in the end, we’re just wonderful friends. 

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Those rumors, for the most part, made us laugh out loud. But now and then, we’d wonder, ‘Did someone happen to witness us embracing the other night?’ “She was a key part of a significant transformation in my life, and I will cherish her memory forever.”

Chord Overstreet

Ashley had a short relationship with the former Glee actor back in 2012, and the two even attended the Teen Choice Awards together that year. Things looked to come to a halt soon after that point.

Cara Delevingne

Rumors of a relationship between the two began to circulate when they were seen kissing and cuddling in May 2018. They had been dating for two years, until May 2020, when they split up.


In May 2020, the duo was first connected when they were seen kissing in a video that quickly went viral. They decided to call their quits in February of 2021.

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