Who Is Vanessa Hudgens Dating

Who Is Vanessa Hudgens Dating: Her Dating history And Boyfriend


Vanessa Hudgens has had a succession of serious relationships, and little flings with celebrities and athletes after her romance with actor Zac Efron ended. Here’s where you can learn more about her dating history!

In 2003, Vanessa Hudgens made her acting debut in Thirteen’s adolescent drama, which launched her career. She is now a well-known actress and singer. It wasn’t until she made her Broadway debut as Gabriella Montez in High School Musical that she started to gain widespread recognition. 

Vanessa met her soon-to-be co-star Zac Efron, 34, while auditioning for the blockbuster Disney musical, and the two were romantically involved immediately after meeting one other. 

Following their divorce in 2010, the Knight Before Christmas actress dated a slew of other stars and sports. Here’s where you can learn more about Vanessa’s most recent relationships.

Who Is Vanessa Hudgens Dating?

Zac Efron 

Following their co-starring roles in the smash Disney musical High School Musical, Zac and Vanessa met for the first time and started dating. The franchise propelled both of their careers and established them as one of the most popular Disney couples of all time. 

In her first episode of the Awards Chatter podcast in 2019, Vanessa expressed how “grateful” she met and dated Zac early in her professional life. 

As she said, “It’s just a very strange and foreign experience to be going through, and being in a relationship I feel like it helped to keep me balanced and grounded, and I had someone to depend on who was going through it with me,” she added.

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A source told E! online at the time that the pair’s romance had “run its course.” The couple eventually parted ways in 2010. 

After Vanessa ended her relationship with her next significant boyfriend, Austin Butler, in 2019, HSM fans hoped she would reconcile with Zac, which resulted in the moniker “Zanessa” being popular on the social media platform. 

As heartwarming and nostalgic as it would be for them to discover love again a decade after their divorce, a reunion is quite unlikely to happen. 

When asked whether she had a lot of conversations with Zac during a 2017 interview on Access Hollywood Live, Vanessa said, “Um, no.” It seems as if I’ve entirely lost touch with him.”

Josh Hutcherson 

According to reports, following their co-starring role in Journey 2: The Mysterious Island, Vanessa was connected to actor Josh Hutcherson in early 2011. 

In a subsequent interview with the Spring Breakers actress, Josh said, “I’m not sure ‘dating’ is the correct term to use to describe our relationship.” 

Even though their relationship had not been formally declared, they clumsily and unintentionally announced their separation on Australia’s TODAY while promoting their film in the spring of 2012. 

“We were [going out] at one time,” Josh explains in the video, “but she destroyed my heart — no, I’m not serious. She broke my heart.” The Hunger Games actress clarified that they were “at one time” romantically involved but that they are now “just friends” today.

Austin Butler 

After Zac, Austin Butler was Vanessa’s second significant boyfriend, and the two were together for over nine years until parting ways. 

Carrie Diaries actress Vanessa Hudgens and Vanessa Hudgens’ relationship began in September 2011, and they made their public debut as a couple at the Journey 2: The Mysterious Island premiere in February 2012. 

Although they had been dating for over two years, Vanessa didn’t formally announce their relationship until 2014, when she shared a heartfelt Instagram tribute to her boyfriend, calling him “the love of my life.”

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After failing to spend the holidays together in 2018, the couple ignited breakup rumors in the new year. They formally ended their relationship a month later. The relationship between Vanessa and Austin has ended, and Vanessa has informed people close to her about the separation.

Kyle Kuzma 

The Princess Switch actress was briefly connected to Kyle Kuzma, 28, in January 2020, when the two were photographed out on a dinner date in Brooklyn, just seven days after she separated from her ex-husband, Austin. 

Kyle is a professional basketball player for the Los Angeles Lakers, and Vanessa was seen sitting courtside at one of the team’s home games in Los Angeles. Unfortunately, their relationship was short-lived and didn’t develop into anything more than a fleeting affair.

Cole Tucker 

Vanessa’s current boyfriend, Cole Tucker, seems to be the love of her life, and the two appear to be happy than ever. On Valentine’s Day 2021, Vanessa uploaded a picture of the two of them kissing with the caption, “It’s you, it’s me, it’s us.” 

The duo later confirmed their relationship on Twitter. Cole is a professional baseball shortstop and outfielder who plays for the Pittsburgh Pirates of the Major League Baseball. 

A series of romantic images with friends and family, including Vanessa, was released on April 22 by the Major League Baseball star, demonstrating how close the two had become since they were first caught getting intimate in November 2020.

In April, a source revealed EXCLUSIVELY to HollywoodLife concerning Cole and Vanessa’s relationship. “Cole loves Vanessa and treats her as if she is a queen. 

At first, many were a bit suspicious of his abilities. The insider told the newspaper that “no one anticipated it to endure since he’s just in his early twenties and a pro athlete,” she said. 

“However, he has been really serious about her from the beginning, and this has not changed. Her admiration and constant declarations that she is his “dream girl” are heartwarming to hear.”

“Vanessa, on the other hand, is quite smitten with him,” the source said. She paid him a visit in Florida last month when he was amid Spring Training. 

“All of the other wives and girlfriends were quite nice, and she had a great day,” they said. For her, it’s an unfamiliar environment. She is more used to dealing with businesspeople and appreciates that Cole is different. It’s a whole other world for her to be a part of. She’s undeniably head over heels in love and ecstatic.”

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