Which ‘Leave It to Beaver’ Actor Has a Higher Net Worth? Jerry Mathers Or Tony Dow?

Jerry Mathers and Tony Dow were adolescent performers during the 1950s on one of TV’s leading comedies, Leave It to Beaver. The two right up until the here and now are alluded to extra for their individual positions as Theodore “Beaver” Cleaver and his more prepared kin Wally Cleaver than some different parts or achievements.

It’s been right around quite a while since the show about family, partners, and life generally speaking from a kid’s perspective went in secret. Examine on to find which Cleaver kid ended up with a higher all out resources.

Top: Jerry Mathers and Tony Dow in a 1958 scene from 'Leave It to Beaver'; Bottom: Jerry Mathers and Tony Dow in 2007 at the 2nd Annual TV Land Awards

‘Leave It To Beaver’ Was A Positive Experience For Dow

Tony Dow, left, with Jerry Mathers, right, and ‘The current Al Roker in 2017

Dow in 2019 assessed in a conversation with Fox News that showing up at the Leave It to Beaver set ended up being normal to the performer, who was given a job as Wally Cleaver at age 12.

“I don’t have some different recollections of doing whatever else,” the performer brought into the world in 1945 said. “It was my life, you know? I got up in the initial segment of the day, eaten and went to work. My mom would drive me to work.

“I would ponder my lines while on the way and I had three hours of a school a day,” he continued. “The rest of the time we were shooting or rehearsing. Back then, it required two days of training and a while later three certified shooting days.”

Mathers On What He’s For The Most Part Satisfied With

Concerning Mathers who was brought into the world in 1948, portraying Beaver Cleaver from the age of 9 was an experience that he really regards. While various performers may contradict or despise being connected with a character they’ve played, Mathers really extends to much obliged for the employment opportunity and for the odds it opened up for him, as he told the Television Academy Foundation in 2006.

Gotten some information about his proudest achievement, Mathers said, “Learn to expect the unexpected. That isn’t even a hard request. Unmistakably, it’s Leave It to Beaver. It’s the pinnacle of my livelihood. What number of people can hit the peak of their calling when they’re 13?

“Leave It to Beaver set me world up for life, basically monetarily set me up everlastingly,” he added. “It made me a striking character for seemingly for eternity. It is profoundly far-fetched I may achieve that again. It’s something I’m satisfied with. I can’t leave onto the street without people coming up to me. Any place I go, in this country just as any place on the planet, I have mates.”

Who Has The Higher Absolute Resources?

Mathers has appeared on TV programs after the Beaver plan wrapped up. From Batman in 1968 to The Hitchhiker in 2014, he’s kept involved. In 2007, the performer showed up on Broadway in the melodic Hairspray as Wilbur Turnblad. He regularly meets fans at profession exhibitions, prosperity gatherings, and on movements. Mathers has been hitched to TV producer Teresa Modnick since 2011. His all out resources is regarded at $3 million, according to Celebrity Net Worth.

Concerning Dow, the performer worked over the long haul following Leave It to Beaver in various TV game plan and movies. He began work behind the camera during the 1980s and ’90s as boss on tasks including Harry and the Hendersons, Swamp Thing, Coach, and Babylon 5. He has been hitched to Lauren Shulkind since 1980.

The Wally Cleaver performer told AZCentral in 2019 of the disappointment in being categorized, saying it “irritated me a ton since I was endeavoring to be dead serious as a performer, and I was constantly landing these natural product dessert positions.”

Dow discovered he has a characteristic capacity for etching. All through the long haul, he’s made honor winning pieces and sold his capacities as well.

Large name Net Worth reports that Dow’s all out resources, at $4 million, outperforms Mathers’.


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