Where Is Janelle Living Now? Is She Still In RV?

On Sunday, Oct. 2, Sister Wives fans saw a significant change on the TLC show. In Sunday’s episode, Christine Brown went back to Flagstaff, Arizona, to tell her other “sister’s wives” that she and Kody Brown had broken up. And Janelle Brown might have to leave the house she was renting because her landlord put it up for sale.

So, where does Sister Wives’ Janelle Brown live now? Before this, we talked about how Kody and Janelle got together.

Kody And Janelle’s Relationship

Kody And Janelle’s Relationship

In 1990, Kody Brown married Meri, who was his first wife. Kody said on Sister Wives that he met Janelle when he and Meri were “going out on a date.” Janelle said that she was from a “monogamous faith” and that she thought Kody was a “great guy” and “attractive” when they first met.

Kody’s second wife is Janelle. In 1993, they got married. He met Christine after that, and they got married in 1994. Robyn became Kody’s fourth wife and the only woman he was legally married to in 2010. Robyn and Kody legally married in 2014.

Kody And Janelle Have Doubts About Their Relationship

In season 17 of Sister Wives, Kody Brown and Janelle talked about their marriage. Janelle said that Kody was “her best friend” and that they had a “functional marriage.” But Kody said he didn’t think they knew how to be “real with each other” about things.

He also said that it would be too much to say that he’s close to Janelle and that he didn’t want a repeat of what happened with Christine, which is when he and Christine broke up.

Janelle also said that she feels like she has to “do everything she can to make the marriage work.”

She said she doesn’t know if it’s “possible” to come back from where they are and that she has “so much affection” for Kody but doesn’t know if it’s love.

Where Is Janelle Living Now?

Janelle and Kody said on Sister Wives 10 years ago that they felt lucky that their marriage had made it this far. Janelle said they were “both committed” and “just stuck it out.”

But it looks like they might have trouble in 2022. During season 17, Janelle and Kody still work on their marriage.

InTouch Weekly says that Janelle lives in Flagstaff, Arizona, at the moment. In 2021, she lived in an RV at Coyote Pass for a while.

In December 2022, Janelle’s Instagram page shows her at home with her daughter Savannah and their pets.

She and Christine seem close, and they post to Instagram together a lot. Janelle uses Snapchat (@life with health and happiness) to promote her health and happiness brand, Life with Health and Happiness.

In 2022, Logan, who was her son, got married to Michelle Petty. From Janelle’s IG post, it looks like she and her kids spent Thanksgiving at the newlyweds’ house.

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