Is Ishowspeed Gay? Exploring The American Youtuber’s S*xuality!

There have been a lot of questions about the sexuality of IShowSpeed, and we will answer one of the most important ones that have fans talking.

On a Livestream on 12th September 2021, IShowSpeed said that he is gay. But then He Said, “It was just a misunderstanding. Trust me; I’m straight.”

All of the trouble started when IShowSpeed said on a stream in 2021 that he was gay.

Speed disclosed his sexual orientation to the musician Ava while they were discussing love. “G A Y,” Speed said with a lot of force. Speed changed his mind about what he said later.

When he came out on Livestream, he said he was angry and begged fans to forget about it. Speed said, “I didn’t mean to say it,” Speed admitted.

One said, “Speed is apologizing like he did a hate crime.”

Another person said, “Speed really needs to get help from a professional to control his anger. I hope he gets better because he’s clearly not at his best right now.” LOVE YOU, SPEED.”

A fan also said, “we will always support you for what you are, bro. Even if you’re, we’ll always support you, bro. If you’re happy, we’re happy”.

is ishowspeed gay

Another person said,  “I feel bad for him sometimes. He’s young and although I haven’t experienced it myself, I can imagine acquiring fame at a young age when you’re still developing can be tough on a kid. People are ruthless, but I hope his chat can become a more positive space so that maybe a little bit of his stress can cool down and he wouldn’t always feel pressured to clear the air on things.”He is well-known for his live streams of gaming and entertainment.

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