Is “Wednesday” Star Hunter Doohan Married? Who Is His Husband?

Who is the husband of Hunter Doohan? Hunter Doohan is a well-known actor and writer from Australia. People are interested in Who Is Hunter Doohan’s Husband? Scroll down to find out who Hunter Doohan’s husband is. And more information about Hunter Doohan.

Who Is Hunter Doohan?


Hunter Doohan

Hunter Doohan is a well-known actor and writer from Australia. Hunter was born on January 19, 1994, in Fort Smith, Arkansas, in the United States. Hunter is now 28 years old. Hunter Doohan plays Tyler Galpin, a very important character, on Wednesday. Donovan Galpin, who is the Sheriff of Jericho, is his father. His mother is from South America and his father is from Australia. John Doohan of Ozark Tennis Academy is Doohan’s older brother.

Who Is Hunter Doohan Married Too?

Hunter Doohan is married to Fielder Jewett at the moment. According to Linkedin, Fielder is in law school right now, but he used to work in the entertainment business. In June 2022, they got married.

Hunter wrote in an Instagram post from that month about their big day, “Trying to sum up your wedding day in an Instagram caption is hard … It was absolutely the best day of our lives! Thank you to everyone who made it so special!”

Hunter and Fielder were engaged on Dec. 31, 2020. As you can see on Instagram, Hunter asked Fielder to marry him in their apartment. It’s not clear when they started dating, but in 2018, Hunter posted a photo of him with Fielder on his Instagram.

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