What Happened To Najee Harris? When Will Najee Harris Return From Injury?

Running back for the Pittsburgh Steelers Najee Harris can’t seem to get a break in 2022. The 24-year-old looked good early on when he played against the Indianapolis Colts. His team beat up Matt Ryan and the Colts, who are from Indianapolis.

On 10 carries, Najee Harris ran for 35 yards and scored a touchdown. He also caught one pass for 4 yards. But it looked like the running back hurt his foot late in the first half, because he was clearly limping from the first kickoff.

Najee Harris’ injury: How did the Steelers RB get hurt?

Steelers find themselves in an awkward spot with Najee Harris' injury -  Behind the Steel Curtain

During the offseason, the running back hurt his foot in a way called a Linsfrac. Many people thought that was what was wrong with the 24-year-old because he was hobbling.

At halftime, Najee Harris went to the locker room and didn’t come out with his teammates to start the second half. The Steelers said that Harris could not play because he had hurt his stomach. That seems strange. We don’t know if Harris has a stomach problem or not because he barely showed any signs of stomach pain during the first half. But his team said that was the problem.

Now, though, he will not play for the rest of the game because he wants his Steelers to beat the Colts.

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When Will Najee Harris Return From Injury?

Since the team has said it is an abdominal injury, how long he is out will depend a lot on whether or not it is a strain. If it’s a serious strain, it’s likely that the player will be out for a few weeks. As the Steelers get closer to the end of the 2022 season, they will be hoping that their star running back will be available.

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