What Happened To Sabans Face: Why Nick Saban’s Iron Bowl Face Bleeds

Nick Saban was seen with blood on his face on the sidelines of Alabama’s game against Auburn on Saturday at Bryant-Denny Stadium.

CBS said that during the first half of Alabama’s 49โ€“27 win in the Iron Bowl, the coach’s shoulder pad got caught on a player’s shoulder pad and he was cut. The medical staff took care of Saban, and CBS joked that he was all set to go back to the game.

Saban had a cut on his face, which was clear during the halftime interview, but he was not asked about the scar.

Saban said, “You should see the other guy.” “I took one of the hardest hits of the whole game, but I didn’t have to go to the medical tent like some of our players did. I always say, “They don’t make them like they used to.”

It’s not the first time one of Saban’s players has touched him. In 2015, during the first half of the Crimson Tide’s game against Mississippi State, he cut his left cheek. During the second quarter, Saban was seen on CBS TV with a cut that was bleeding.

After the game, Saban talked to then-CBS reporter Allie LaForce about the injury. Saban said with a smile, “One of those pass-rushers ran into me as he was leaving the field.” “He was bigger than I was, so we gave up.”

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