Warrior Nun Season 2

Warrior Nun Season 2 Release Date, Renewed Status: Everything You Need To Know!


Warrior Nun was a godsend when it arrived on Netflix – but its good thing patience is a virtue when it comes to season two.

Warrior Nun, based on Ben Dunn’s comic book character Warrior Nun Areala, premiered on television in July 2020.

Season two has been promised, but fans have had to wait a long time. The plot revolves around Ava Silva, a 19-year-old whose life is turned upside down when she awakens in a morgue with an artifact embedded in her back and a surprising new set of superpowers.

Soon after, she is recruited into an ancient order of warrior nuns tasked with defending Earth from demons.

Warrior Nun Season 2 Renewal Status

Season 2 of Warrior Nun has been officially renewed.

Warrior Nun Season 2 Release Date Information

The makers have not yet announced an official release date, but we do know that filming began in July 2021 and is expected to wrap in December, according to sources. Simon Barry posted in December that he had finished watching all of the episodes of Warrior Nun Season 2.

Warrior Nun Season 2 Expected Plot

Adriel reveals his true self to the world in the final season, Ava and her sisters fight his army of demons, and we hope to save Shotgun Mary in the process. The season ended on a cliffhanger, and we expect this season to provide all of the answers.

What happened to JC and how Ava will find the strength to defeat Adriel are important questions. The sisters must recognize that The Order of the Cruciform Sword is based on a lie, which was created by Father Vincent’s betrayal.

“These things tend to reveal themselves when the story feels like it’s building to a climax,” Barry explained to Inverse. “You must find a point where you can wrap.” I’d give Warrior Nun a window because we’re still in the early stages of development.”

Warrior Nun Season 2 Cast Details

  • Ava Silva is played by Alba Baptista.
  • Sister Mary (also known as Shotgun Mary) is played by Toya Turner.
  • Jillian Salvius is played by Thekla Reuten.
  • Sister Lilith is played by Lorena Andrea.
  • Sister Beatrice is played by Kristina Tonteri-Young.
  • Father Vincent is played by Tristan Ulloa.
  • Sister Camila is played by Olivia Delcan.
  • Cardinal Francisco Duretti is played by Joaquim de Almeida.
  • Kristian Schaefer is played by Peter de Jersey.
  • Michael Salvius is played by Lope Haydn Evans.

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Warrior Nun Season 2 Trailer:

There is currently no trailer for Warrior Nun Season 2, which is understandable given that the release date has yet to be announced. If you haven’t seen the first season trailer yet, you can do so here.

Check out the trailer below:

Warrior Nun Season 1 Ending

In the season one finale, Adriel revealed himself to the world, and Ava, along with the other sisters, fought demons. They needed to save Shotgun Mary in a few scenes.

When Warrior Nun Season 1 ended, there were many loose ends that left fans wondering about many incidents. We’re hoping that season 2 will bring more answers as well as a new storyline.

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