who is nicole laeno dating

Who is Nicole Laeno Dating? The Young Instagram Star’s Personal Life


Is Nicole Laeno Dating someone? Here you can find about her relationship status and some information about her life.

Nicole Laeno is an American professional model, actor and dancer. Nicole participated as a junior contestant for the show. She is best known for her role in the youtube originals web series titled Hyperlinked, which can only be accessed by premium users. Youtube red are premium Youtube Originals.

She is an Instagram influencer with a substantial presence on social media. She has two Instagram accounts, Nicole laeno and Nicole laeno makeup On her main account, Nicole posts regular updates about her dancing videos with 996k followers. Her backup or secondary account has beauty and makeup tips that have a following of 58.6k followers. Who is Nicole Laeno?

Nicole Laeno

Nicole-Noel Pham Laeno also known as Nicole Laeno. Born on December 8, 2005, in Bellflower, California to parents Noel and Linda Laeno. She has an elder brother named Christian who is 2 years older than her. A Filipino-American raised in an upper-middle class home, Nicole Laeno did her schooling at a local public elementary school.

Nicole Laeno is a dancer by profession. Nicole Laeno’s family moved from Bellflower to Los Angeles due to her rise in popularity. Her favorite dance forms are Hip-hop and jazz-funk.

Nicole Laeno Net Worth

Nicole Laeno has an estimated Net worth of $350k as of 2021. Her primary sources of income include dancing, social media and acting. She earns from her dancing as the main source as well as TV appearances and music videos. It is estimated she earns anywhere from $8,000-$12,000 an episode. She has never officially disclosed her net worth or salary; these values are merely estimates. Besides all this, she also generates passive revenue from her social media accounts via ad revenues and paid endorsements. She has also worked for H&M, Pop Chips, Fox, Disney,Mattel, ABC, LEGO and Nickelodeon.Nicole Laeno Net Worth


Nicole first started dancing when she was just a little girl and her parents were very supportive of the young dancer. But at age 9, Nicole found it sometimes difficult to be away from home because she hated being sent off to the dance studio. However, Nicole stuck with it and later joined the Fusion Studios Advanced Dance Competition Team at an even younger age than Nicole Laeno is an actress, mostly known from the DanceON series. She locked guest appearances in the musicals #She was also seen as a contestant on shows such as Dance It Off, Ticket Giveaway and Three’s A Crowd. Nicole Laeno received the Hollywood Vibe Regional Dancer of the Year award for 2016-17.

Nicole Laeno is a famous youtuber in her own right. Starting her youtube channel in 2013 with vlogs and other internet challenges, she has quickly risen into prominence with more than one million followers to date. Her most popular video of all time discusses the difficulties that come with being a “teen mom”.who is nicole laeno dating

Who Is Nicole Dating?

Nicole is not in any relationship right now. She is still young and focused on her career at the moment. From her social media posts, it’s not clear whether or not she has a boyfriend.

Now you know about Nicole Laeno and it’s amazing that she has gained so much popularity. She is worth $350,000 at such a young age which is already surprising. We would like to know your opinions now that you’ve discovered someone who has achieved success at such a young age? We would like to know who you are dating.

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