Valerie Fairman’s Daughter Nevaeh Is Coping Well After Her Death!! (2)

Valerie Fairman’s Daughter Nevaeh Is Coping Well After Her Death!!

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In April 2016, Valerie Fairman became one of the most recognized names in MTV’S 16 and Pregnant after she entered into a cohabitating relationship with her boyfriend at just 15 years old. Fast forward two years later: the 24-year-old passed away from an apparent drug overdose, leaving her daughter Nevaeh Lynn without a

Although Nevaeh is doing well, Janice revealed to Radar that she doesn’t know what will be in the coming years. Although she went to a grief counselor as well, it turns out that Nevaeh didn’t need one. Finally, in 2013, they welcomed their daughter.

A recent report from the Center for Disease Control and Prevention examined 30 years’ worth of data on how teens are making choices that can lead to injury or death. Valerie Fairman, who died on January 19, 2014

In addition to talking about her daughter often, Janice said that the family tries to keep Valerie’s memory alive in other ways, too. Nevaeh has a necklace with some of her ashes, for example. Ashes are in her room as well. Flowers have also been sent by friends from the service.

The late 23-year-old reality star was a part of MTV’s 16 and Pregnant season, which documented her teenage pregnancy. At the time of Valerie’s death, she was visiting friends in Pennsylvania. In her home state of Delaware, Valerie was not living in the same home as Nevaeh or Janice, which is why Janice said that Nevaeh would be able to cope with her mom’s death.Valerie Fairman’s Daughter Nevaeh Is Coping Well After Her Death!!

The house where she grew up was the only place she wanted to be. Nobody knew, except the supervisor at AOA (Abby s previous job) and me, because I happened to call her from my cell phone when I heard about what had happened in the morning news

Though it is unclear where Valerie was living at the time of her death, in 2015 she was arrested for prostitution. In 2011 she was also reportedly charged with abusing her adoptive mother. In 2012, she was charged with theft. According to Janice, Valerie had been in and out of rehabilitation centers for five years before her eventual demise.

Janice encouraged fans to remember Valerie as a person with mixed memories, while also acknowledging the negative in her life.

Though Nevaeh s mom passed away, her dad Mathew Pryce visits every Saturday. Her grandmother Janice has custody of the little girl and does her best to keep Matt in the picture. He has his own challenges. She sometimes doesn’t want to see him. We rearrange our schedule so she still gets to enjoy the same activities as before we started dating. Aspiring teen mom who has tragically died.

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One of the most difficult, complicated experiences one can go through is parenting a child. Every new parent has their own experience balancing being a wife/husband, father/mother, and caretaker all in one. There are many benefits to this, but there are also disadvantages such as lack of sleep.

A former therapist is going on record saying she knows which drug a teen mom from Pennsylvania overdosed on. Valerie was found unresponsive in a bathroom in Pennsylvania after her friend had to break down the door. I think it was pink, Beth said. She referenced a synthetic drug that is many times stronger than heroin and is often found in rural American towns.

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