Acquitted Murder Suspect Amanda Knox Has Rebuilt Her Life!!

Acquitted Murder Suspect Amanda Knox Has Rebuilt Her Life!!

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Amanda Knox said in a letter to her friend Madison Paxton that if she were ever released from prison, she had goals including working with the Innocence Project and having children.

Although Amanda Knox was released in 2011 after being acquitted of murder, she has only recently been able to realize one of her dreams. Find out more about Amanda today and how she’s lived since her release .

Where Does Amanda Knox Live Now?

The controversial spinster returned to Seattle, where she grew up and lived before going abroad to Italy and her arrest in 2007. She’s been back since then.

What Is Amanda Knox’s Job?

She spent four years imprisoned and later exonerated in 2015. After being exonerated of the murder, freelance journalist Amanda Knox took time to recover from her experience in prison before truly returning to society.

In 2012, Amanda graduated from the University of Washington with a degree in creative writing. That same year she released her first book – Waiting to Be Heard: A Memoir

Amanda Knox is now living a typical life after surviving her murder trial. She married Christopher Robinson, a poet and author of two books, in 2015. The happy couple celebrated through Leap Day 2020 by tying the knot in an unconventional ceremony  guests wore costumes instead of normal wedding attire

Christopher was also involved in producing Amanda’s podcast The Truth About True Crimes, which ran for four seasons. He cohosts the new Labyrinths podcast with her about people navigating their own personal challenges in life. Amanda Knox’s post-murder trial life is explored through interviews with her and others, in an unscripted new program.

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She’s Surprisingly Public About Her Life

Amanda was active online in the years following her release from prison. After months of intense interrogation, Amanda Knox returned to school and a relatively normal life. Some internet trolls can be human beings with you, but the only thing you can do is sit there and acknowledge that they are a human as well.

Amanda Knox’s Instagram Is Full of Regular Updates

In 2017, Amanda opened up her Instagram profile and currently has over 75,000 followers. On her social media, fans will see a lot of photos of her cat, husband’s dog and their travels – but most notably promotion for all the projects she is currently working on whether it be podcasts or cooking programs.

In 2021, after shocking the world with her miscarriage announcement and then shocking it once again by announcing she was pregnant only one month later.

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 “That’s right, we’re pregnant, and we’ve been recording audio of our own experience since day one,” the Seattle native said on her Labyrinths podcast. “Stay tuned for our next mini-series 280 days,’ where we take you on an intimate journey from conception to birth.”Acquitted Murder Suspect Amanda Knox Has Rebuilt Her Life!!

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Amanda Knox Announces Pregnancy in 2021

In August 2021, Amanda and husband Christopher announced that they are expecting their first child together. One month before this announcement was made, she suffered a miscarriage.

We’ve been recording audio of our pregnancies for the last nine months, said Seattle resident Amanda Knox and her husband Jamie on their podcast Labyrinths. Stay tuned for more episodes in our series 280 Days: how we conceived, carried and delivered babies Stella Roe and Guy Larkin.

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