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Tiktok Star QCP Was Arrested For A Felony After An Alleged U-haul Misunderstanding

Police arrested TikTok star QCP for felony possession of a stolen vehicle, but he said he was in the U-Haul helping a friend move and didn’t know his friend hadn’t paid for the truck, Source reported Wednesday.

Source says that QCP was pulled over by the LAPD on September 9 after his license plates were checked. The license plates on the U-Haul he was driving were from a car that had been reported stolen, the police said. Source says that the police then arrested QCP.

The TikTok star was freed on $25,000 bail, and he hasn’t been officially charged yet.

Source says that people who know QCP well said that he told them he had borrowed the car from a friend.

Police told Source that the U-Haul truck was marked as stolen because someone rented it and didn’t return it to the company before QCP got behind the wheel.

Source says that QCP’s representatives said that they don’t think the TikTok star will not be charged. The source said that their client was not the one who rented the car and that he has never stolen a car before. Rod Stewart’s son was hit by a truck and taken to the hospital.

Source says that QCP has stayed true to his word and said he didn’t know the truck wasn’t paid for. He also said he didn’t know the car had been reported stolen before, the news source said.

Source says that his roommate has since paid the bill for the truck rental.

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