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TikTok: ‘Ara Ara’ meaning Explained! Check here!

TikTok has adopted a new slang phrase. What does the phrase “Ara Ara” mean? Let us attempt to ascertain the solution. “Ara Ara” is the newest addition to your TikTok lexicon. 

However, what does this mean? The following is the whole definition. Additionally, a new language arises on TikTok daily, and each time it gets increasingly harder to decipher what it means.

TikTok: ‘Ara Ara’ meaning

It originates in Japanese animation, where “Ara Ara” has multiple meanings. Women use this word to convey surprise or delight. It is sometimes used in reaction to males. This statement is often used in a seductive and flirting manner.

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ARA ARA Origin of the term

This phrase is often used in Japanese animated films, where female characters frequently use it. Mangaka often utilizes this term to convey an air of cuteness or submissiveness. 

Additionally, it is employed as a flirtatious strategy. Ara Ara is usually said in hushed tones. On TikTok, the #AraAra hashtag has been seen 245 million times.

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