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This Week, The Funeral For Takeoff Will Be Held At The State Farm Arena In Atlanta

Source says that TakeOff‘s funeral will be held on Friday, November 11, at the State Farm Arena in Atlanta, Georgia, which has room for 20,000 people.

Atlanta radio station V-103 was the first to report the news. Reverend Jesse Curney, III of New Mercies Christian Church will lead Takeoff’s service, which will start right on time at 1:00 pm et. Curney talked about how the late rapper and his family were dedicated members of his congregation. He also said that the community was hurt by the rapper’s death.

Reverend Curney said in a statement, “I was very sad to hear the news.” “Kirsnick has been a loyal member of the group since he was 10 years old. The church and the community were essential to him and his family.

Takeoff’s family and friends held a balloon sendoff for him over the weekend in Atlanta as a way to remember him. Armondo “Ape” Monoletti, a graffiti artist in ATL, also made a mural in honor of Takeoff.

On November 2, TakeOff was shot and killed at a bowling alley in Houston, Texas. “Shortly after 2:30 a.m.,” police in Houston heard about a shooting at a local bowling alley where a dice game was going on. Shots were reportedly fired after a fight, but more information wasn’t available.

In TakeOff’s autopsy report from November 2, the Harris County Medical Examiner confirmed that the Migos member died from “head and torso gunshot wounds into the arm.” No arrests have been made.

Drake, Jim Jones, Kanye West, Coach K, 50 Cent, and more from the Hip Hop world have paid tribute to TakeOff. Since he died, TakeOff’s Instagram followers have gone through the roof.

Around the time the Migos rapper died, a screenshot was taken that showed TakeOff had 7.7 million followers. Since then, he’s gained about a million followers, and as of press time, his account has 8.6 million followers.

Sunday, before their game against the Los Angeles Chargers, the Atlanta Falcons also paid tribute to TakeOff (November 6). The group showed pictures of the rapper on the big screen at Mercedes-Benz Stadium while playing the Migos song “T-Shirt” from their classic album Culture.

Only Built for Infinity Links was TakeOff and Quavo’s first album together. In June of last year, Culture III was the last part of Migos’ well-reviewed Culture trilogy. The Last Rocket, TakeOff’s first album by himself, came out in 2018.

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