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Cher Confirms Her Relationship With Alexander “A.E.” Edwards, Amber Rose’s 36-year-old Ex-Boyfriend

After four years of being single, 72-year-old Cher has finally found love again. The Grammy-winning singer confirmed on Monday that she is dating a 36-year-old model named Alexander “A.E.Edwards.

After being photographed out holding hands with music producer Alexander “A.E.” Edwards, the pop star went on Twitter to confirm that she is dating him and having the time of her life. Fans first thought something was going on with the singer when she tweeted on November 1: “One part of my life is SO AMAZING” with a heart eyes emoji.

Soon after that, on November 3, the singer was seen holding hands with Edwards as they went into the West Hollywood restaurant Craig’s to meet rapper Tyga for dinner. At one point, they were waiting in the car, and Edwards was seen kissing her hand. The next day, the singer responded to a tweet that said, “Someone’s got a new boyfriend,” with “YES.”

On Sunday night, Cher and her new boyfriend took their relationship to the next level by making it official on social media. She tweeted a picture of the music producer with the name “Alexander” and a red heart emoji. Then she sent out a cryptic tweet that said, “That was then, this is now.” When a fan asked, “IS THIS YOUR NEW MAN!?” she just sent back a smiley face surrounded by hearts as an answer.

She went on to say that they met during Paris Fashion Week and that he had already met everyone in her family except for her best friend Paulette Howell. One fan was worried about what A.E.’s plans were for her, but Cher said, “As we all know… I WASN’T BORN TODAY, AND HERE’S WHAT I KNOW FOR SURE… There’s no sure thing.

You take a chance every time you make a choice. I’ve always tried new things… It’s WHAT I Am.” And when another follower said, “He better treat you like the queen you are!” she told them, “LIKE A QUEEN.” She also said that their 40-year age difference didn’t matter, according to the Source.

And in a follow-up tweet, the music legend set the record straight for good, writing, “I’m Not Defending Us. Haters Will Hate… It doesn’t matter that we’re happy and not in anyone’s way.”

Edwards used to date Amber Rose. They started dating in 2018, and they have a 3-year-old son named Slash together. But three years later, when he was caught cheating on her with several other women, they broke up.

Rose wrote at the time on her Instagram Stories, “All 12 of you bums (that I know of, there may be more) can have him.” In an interview with Entertainment Tonight, the producer later admitted that he had been unfaithful.

He said that he “got caught” and that Rose had “just had enough.” Cher was married to Sonny Bono from 1964 to 1975, and then she was married to Gregg Allman from 1975 to 1979. She had one child with Bono, Chaz, who is 53 years old now. She also had a son with Allman. His name is Elijah (he is now 46).

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