The Tragic Death Of Dog The Bounty Hunter’s Daughter

Who Is Dog, The Bounty Hunter?

Duane Lee Chapman or Dog, The Bounty Hunter is a popular personality in television who gained fame for tracking down hardened criminals and fugitives along with his wife Beth.

Duane Chapman has ten children. Barbara Chapman was his daughter from Doug’s third marriage to Lyssa Rae.

Barbara Katy Chapman passed away under tragic circumstances more than a decade and a half ago. But how did Dog the Bounty Hunter’s daughter die? What were the circumstances surrounding her passing that makes it so mysterious?

The Mysterious Death Of Barbara Chapman

Barbara Katy Chapman died mysteriously, a day before Beth and Dog’s wedding. She was in a car allegedly driving to a hotel with her friend. They had stolen a credit card. They were driving when they met with an accident on May 19, 2006, near Fairbanks, Alaska. Their car rolled and crashed into a thicket of trees and they could not survive. It was reported that state troopers at the time suspected drugs and alcohol which might have played a part in the car crash.

Dog And Beth

Dog and Beth decided to go on with their wedding after they got their’s children’s and with the minister presiding over the ceremonies approval. They voted to carry on with their beach wedding and the wedding guests reportedly weren’t alerted of the news until after the official ceremony. Their decision was to turn the tragedy into a celebration of his daughter.

Beth, unfortunately, died after losing the battle to cancer on June 26, 2019.

Dog and his family held a ceremony in her honour. Dog Chapman is now engaged to Francie Frane for 11 months. He has proposed to his new girlfriend  Francie Frane and they are now planning their wedding after they can make necessary arrangements.



Bounty Hunter


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