The Sandman: Will There Ever Be A Season 2? Neil Gaiman Response To Season 2

Neil Gaiman, co-creator of The Sandman, recently commented on the increasing likelihood of a season 2.

After being asked by a fan on Twitter whether or not the fantasy drama series will be renewed, Gaiman said that the show’s chances were “growing higher every day.” Gaiman, along with artists Sam Kieth and Mike Dringenberg, developed the critically acclaimed DC comic book series The Sandman. The first episode of its ten-episode first season began on August 5, then two weeks later, on August 19, a special bonus episode was released.

Reviews for the first season of The Sandman were mostly good, complimenting the show’s excellent cast, inventive production design, stunning visual effects, and faithfulness to the source material. The show was also well-liked by viewers, with new data revealing that The Sandman is the most popular streaming show in the world, with demand for it being 23.8 times more than the typical series after its premiere.

Will Netflix Get a Season 2 of “The Sandman?”

Gaiman has now clarified that Netflix won’t automatically order new episodes of The Sandman despite the show’s success. He said on Twitter, “Sandman is a really pricey show.” “We need to do very well so that Netflix would release the funds for a season 2. In other words, for the past two weeks, we have been the most watched show on the entire planet. That might not even be sufficient.” Gaiman later urged viewers to keep up their binge-watching of The Sandman in the hopes that an increase in the show’s viewer completion rate would increase the likelihood of renewal.

Furthermore, the renowned author assured fans that there is still hope for The Sandman despite Netflix’s decision to terminate the show. If asked if another streaming provider, like HBO Max, Prime Video, Disney+, or Apple TV+, could pick up the series if Netflix canceled it, Gaiman said that this was possible. Netflix has not yet issued a statement regarding the future of The Sandman.

Although a second season of The Sandman has not been officially greenlit just yet, executive producer David S. Goyer has informed fans that scripts are already being worked on. Goyer, who co-created the program with Gaiman and Allan Heinberg, said that after Season 1’s groundwork was laid with the series’ central characters and ideas, writing Season 2 was “somewhat easier.”

The Sandman Season 1 is currently streaming on Netflix.

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