‘The Outlaws’ Ending Explained And Recap in Details: What It Means for Season 2?

Outlaws, or The Laws of the Border (Las Leyes de la Frontera), is a Spanish film set in late 1970s Spain that depicts the Quinqui genre of Spanish film popular during the 1970s and 1980s.

Outlaws is a Netflix original film that follows Ignacio Caas, aka Nacho, a 17-year-old high school student who is shy and frequently bullied by his classmates. He lacks friends and prefers to spend his time alone at home or in the arcade. Nacho meets new friends in the summer of 1978 who forever alter his life. However, does his life changed for the better or for the worse?

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Season 1 Recap of The Outlaws:

Rani Rekowski’s family is looking forward to seeing her graduate from Oxford, but a string of burglaries has landed her in Bristol Community Services. Diane meets her fellow inmates in the Community Service officer’s office — small-time thief Frank Sheldon, divorced lawyer Gregory Dillard, radical activist Myrna Okeke, right-leaning businessman John Halloran, Christian Taylor (whom we later discover is Ben, an imposter of Christian), and social influencer Lady Gabriella Penrose-Howe. The titular offenders are transported by bus to a rundown community center, where they are tasked with spring cleaning and renovating.

Myrna and John develop a natural dislike for one another, while Rani develops a crush on Ben. Later that day, Gabby offers Ben a joint, and despite his best intentions, he believes a few drags would not be harmful.

Meanwhile, Diane’s superior pays a visit and discovers Gabby, Ben, and Rani hiding in plain sight. John Halloran appears to be familiar with Ben’s “lot,” which results in a fight that Gabby streams live on her social media account.

John appears to be preparing for a business deal with the Chinese, and Frank suggests arranging for the fabled Chinese wine, “Guanxi,” to ensure a smooth transaction.

Season 1 Recap of The Outlaws

John closes the deal with Chairman Yang using the tip, nearly saving his family business. He does not, however, make it to the venue on time the following day (thanks to Diane), and Chairman Yang’s daughter discovers the fight video on Gabby’s account.

Chairman Yang cancels the deal due to the double mishaps, opting for a rival firm. Another incident occurs during the service when members of the Brookhill Crew approach Christian and request that he complete a job in the suburban neighborhood of Lawrence Hill.

Christian wishes to leave, but the gang leader is not amenable to negotiations. Christian, on the other hand, wishes to keep his sister Esme out of the gang business. As a result, he agrees to perform the task on one condition: they must keep Esme out of this.

The Brookhill Crew leader presents him with a gun, and when a heat gun is discovered missing from the toolbox, Diane requests that all offenders show their bags. Of course, because Christian is a person of color, John immediately accuses him of stealing, putting Christian in a position where he may have to accept a harsher punishment if he possesses a gun.

Rani’s genius allows her to effortlessly remove the gun from the bag and pass through the security check on their way out. She returns his weapon to Christian outside the premises and agrees to teach his sister, pleading with him to avoid trouble. Christian has no way out of the cycle of crime with his back against the wall.

He enters the rival gang den in Lawrence Hill, disguised, and requests the “line.” Christian discovers a substantial sum of money using the phone (which contains all their contacts). He comes dangerously close to being shot in the process, but Rani steps in to assist by creating a distraction with the headlights of her family car.

Christian flees, and the goons take note of the family car’s license plate and the “Rekowski” sign. While Rani returns home and celebrates, Christian conceals the money in a ceiling compartment in their detention facility. Frank, who stole the heat gun, considers throwing a party for his grandson to assist him in wooing some girls. He also requests the presence of Gabby, and Her Ladyship agrees to grace the party for free.

Myrna discovers the bag of cash while at work and brings it to John. The two later bring it to Frank’s house for a party. They consider all options — Frank, who lacks a moral compass, asks the two to consider how their lives will change if they steal the money. Myrna and John both agree to turn over the money to the police.

Season 1 Recap of The Outlaws

However, after the deal is canceled, John’s family faces financial hardship, prompting a change of heart. Myrna also joins, hoping to use the funds to benefit her liberal leftist group, A38. On the other hand, the goons pay a visit to Rani’s house, surprising her when her parents are not present.

Rani diverts their attention by fabricating a story about passing through the location, while her father Jerzy later informs Detective Lucy Haines that he was out on a late-night job, covering for Rani. Meanwhile, Shanthi and Jerzy continue to put Rani on edge by pleading with her to leave and abandon her Oxford studies. They can keep her if she does not meet Christian.

Christian and Rani’s bond has grown stronger with the assistance of Esme. Despite Rani’s assistance, Esme decides to forego her exams, requesting work from Malaki in order to live independently. However, she becomes entangled in a web of contradictory signals, shooting Brookhill Crew lieutenant Spider (who also happens to be Gabby’s dealer).

Christian is snitched on twice by Rani, and when Christian and her sister flee after Diane discovers the gun, the group undergoes another change of heart. Frank wishes he could flee, but he chooses to remain as his grandson burns his ticket and money from the bag.

The Outlaws Season 1 Finale: Is It a Banksy Graffiti?

Frank paints over graffiti with the word “Banksy” in the final moments of the first season. The mural depicts a rat between two paint cans, and Frank describes it as “awfully good.” Meanwhile, Diane, who is deep in the final pages of a Lee Child novel, misidentifies it as a real rat and inquires as to whether the creature weighs more than ten kilograms.

Assuring herself that it is indeed a graffiti rat, she requests that Frank paints over it. If you haven’t been living under a rock, you’re probably familiar with Banksy, an English graffiti artist, and activist.

Hula Hoop Girl, Rage, Flower Thrower, and One Nation Under CCTV have sparked outrage in the media. While the artist has not disclosed his true identity, he appeared anonymously in his own 2010 documentary, ‘Exit Through the Gift Shop.’ And guess what, the mural in the exhibition was created by the legendary artist of our generation.

The news broke on November 10, 2021, weeks before the season finale’s premiere, which heightened fan anticipation for the finale. Additionally, the credit section begins by attributing the work to Banksy, indicating that it is his. To some, the ending diminished the show’s exuberant ambiance somewhat.

The Outlaws Season 1 Finale Is It a Banksy Graffiti

Will Ben and Rani End Up in Prison Together?

As the episode begins with a daring burglary, it’s unsurprising that kleptomaniac Rani begins a relationship with flirty bad boy Christian. However, near the story’s conclusion, we discover that the character we initially identify as Christian is neither Christian nor a terrible lad.

Malaki reveals that Ben was posing for him around the community in retaliation for the illness of Malaki’s father. Ben traveled to The Dean’s territory in order to obtain the phone and contacts, and as an added bonus, he obtained the money. His only flaw is that he deliberately chooses to flee with the money.

Will Ben and Rani End Up in Prison Together

Another error follows, and Esme, on the other hand, shoots Spider, causing even more havoc. After concluding Spider is dead, Esme and Ben seek refuge in an Airbnb, while the rest of the gang meets their well-intentioned but drug-addled mother. When they arrive at the Airbnb, Ben admits to using the gun. Greg pleads with him to submit, but the detectives’ arrival adds to the tension. Finally, Esme convincingly accepts squeezing the trigger in front of detective Lucy.

Ben, on the other hand, responds by reassuring Esme that she still has a bright future ahead of her, a sentiment shared by Rani. The other offenders are no better, as they add to the complexity of the story. Finally, Diane agrees that Ben should complete an additional 100 hours of community service. As the chain gang appears together in the final scene, we believe that others are also punished for their complacency. Rani may possibly cut ties with her family in the second season and end up with Ben, but this is still speculation.

Effect of The Outlaws Season 1’s Finale on Season 2:

There are numerous other unresolved issues that The Outlaws can investigate in season 2. Spencer discovered Greg’s cupboard of chaos in the show’s finale, and his blackmail will be a recurring subplot going forward. Greg, Stephen Merchant’s goofy lawyer, developed a sense of purpose in season 1, so expect him to stand up to the workplace bully even if it costs him his job.

Another major unanswered question is whether Frank, the veteran criminal portrayed by Christopher Walken, will remain with or abandon his family. Throughout the series, Frank reconnected with his daughter and grandchildren but was about to fly away from them when his grandson burned his flight tickets. Frank is likely to return for season 2 as he continues to develop a moral compass, though he may still be kicking himself for covering up a real Banksy in the finale.

The Outlaws Ending Explained: Reddit Discussion

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