How Randy Jackson Maintains His 100-Pound Weight Loss? An Updates On His Diet, Health, And Illness

Taking charge of his health. After being diagnosed with type 2 diabetes in 2002, Randy Jackson made a commitment to live a healthier lifestyle.

“It’s a curse to be saddled with a life-threatening disease that you can’t completely get rid of, though you can certainly manage it,” the former American Idol judge wrote in his 2008 book, Body With Soul. “However, getting that huge wake-up call is a blessing.” I couldn’t lie to myself after that day in the ER when my doctor popped the bubble I’d been living in. I started my journey to better health right then and there.”

Jackson, who weighed 350 pounds when he was diagnosed, underwent gastric bypass surgery in 2003, which reduces the size of the stomach and reroutes part of the digestive system so that less food is absorbed. The bassist has maintained a 100-pound weight loss since surgery, but it hasn’t always been easy.

He told WebMD in 2008 about the temptations of returning to American Idol after the procedure. “Everyone hangs out and eats and drinks after the show.” “There are a variety of sandwiches available, as well as chips, cheeses, cookies, cakes, candy, beer, and wine,” he explained. Despite the abundance of junk food on set, Jackson expressed gratitude to the other Idol judges for their encouragement. “‘We’re ordering lunch, bring Randy a Dunkin’ Donuts and 12 milkshakes,’ says Simon [Cowell].” We make fun of it, but they are also extremely supportive.”

The record producer prefers moderation over complete abstinence from certain foods. “Never say to yourself, ‘I will never have another piece of chocolate,’ because it will never happen.” “And as soon as you say never, a binge is on the way,” he told WebMD, adding that he satisfies his sweet tooth with the occasional chocolate with frozen yogurt.

After regaining control of his health, the Journey bassist wanted to help others do the same. In 2019, he founded Unify Health Labs to do just that. Jackson stated in a blog post on the Unify Health Labs website that his celebrity status provided him with access to health specialists that others might not be able to meet.

“I had the opportunity to speak with top health experts, including physicians, nutritionists, fitness experts, biologists, and others,” the session musician wrote. “They were extremely helpful to me on my journey. And I wanted to share my knowledge and expertise with as many people as possible.”

“I’ve truly been blessed by life,” Jackson continued, “but, next to my children, getting healthy was the best thing that ever happened to me.”

Diagnosis of Type 2 Diabetes

In 2002, Jackson was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. Following the news, the television personality researched the disease’s potential side effects. “I realized there are a lot of things that can happen if you don’t manage it,” he told Health Magazine in 2012.

Bypass Gastric Surgery

The former American Idol judge had gastric bypass surgery in 2003 to help him lose weight. After the procedure, Jackson maintained a 100-pound weight loss.

Body With Soul

In 2008, America’s Best Dance Crew producer published Body With Soul: Shed Pounds, End Diabetes, and Transform Your Health. He wrote about his skepticism toward fad diets, having tried a few himself.

“Diets, liquid fasts, weight-loss medications, you name it, and none of them worked long term.” But when I ended up in the hospital, I had to face the fact that all of those methods had failed,” Jackson explained. That same year, he told WebMD that he had tried “bee stings” and “pregnant women’s urine” to lose weight. “The issue is that those diets don’t work for people with obesity,” the Louisiana native explained.

Unify Health Laboratories

Jackson established Unify Health Labs in 2019 to help others become healthier.

“After what I went through… sifting through mountains of contradictory information… I didn’t want others to have to go through that. “So we founded Unify Health Labs to simplify the process and make it simple for everyone to live the healthiest, happiest life possible,” he wrote in a blog post on the company’s website.


The former American Idol judge had gastric bypass surgery in 2003 to help him lose weight. After the procedure, Jackson maintained a 100-pound weight loss.

Was Randy Jackson related to Michael Jackson?

Randy Jackson (Jacksons’ singer) (born 1961), a former member of the Jacksons and Michael Jackson’s younger brother.

How much are the Jacksons worth?

Michael Jackson’s net worth is estimated to be $500 million, while Janet Jackson’s net worth is estimated to be $175 million.

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