The Magicians Season 6 Release Date, Cast, Plot, Trailer, And More

The Magicians is an American fiction TV show advertised on Syfy and is related to the 2009 book of the identical title by Lev Grossman. The Magicians highlights Quentin Coldwater at Brakebills University. The primary goal is for Magical education only to be qualified as a magician. 

He builds the mysterious world with his beloved teen’s book as accurate. Quentin pretends a threat to kindness. At that point, the life of his teen buddy called Julia is hindered when she was not permitted to enter the school. She discovers magic outside the school.

The fantastic finish of season 5 makes all the enthusiasts thrilled for the next season. So, here is everything about The Magicians season 6 we know so far.

The Magicians Season 6 Release Date

On 16th December 2015, season 1 was released with a sum of 13 episodes. Syfy resumed the show for season 5 in January 2019 and ran from 15th January to 1st April 2020.

It is recognized to all that release will declare when shooting is wrapped up. But there is. No latest updates are available when the magicians’ Season 6 premiere date comes.

We don’t know when season 6 would air. There is no evidence that season 6 is under creation or not. As the epidemic situation of Corona Virus is moving on, Syfy dropped the show after five seasons. Hence, there will not be The Magicians season 6.

The Magicians Season 6 Cast

If the series gets renewal, then the cast of The Magicians season 6 is as follows:

  • Jason Ralph being Quentin Coldwater 
  • Jade Tailor being Kady Orloff-Diaz 
  • Hale Appleman will act as Eliot Waugh
  • Olivia Taylor Dudley being Alice Quinn
  • Summer Bishil being Margo Hanson
  • Rick Worthy will act as Henry Fogg
  • Brittany Curran will play the role of Fen
  • Arjun Gupta will play the role of William “Penny” Adiyodi
  • Stella Maeve will play the role of Julia Wicker
  • Trevor Einhorn being Josh Hoberman

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The Magicians Season 6 Trailer

As it is not sure now that season 6 will happen or not? So, there is no trailer at this point. When we get official news from the production side, then we will definitely notify you.

The Magicians Season 6 Plot

In season 5, we see that magic has eventually been premiered but at a terrible price. Quentin loses his life to protect his buddies and the world. Julia, Eliot, Margo, and others should fight all disputes without him. 

While freeing magic, the balance shifted apart in a different direction ending in too much of it. Can they control it and protect themselves without Quentin presently?

The lead, Jason Ralph passing, will push the series to take a unique dimension. Though Jason is no longer in the show, and as Quentin falls in the series, the tale might display what occurs when we lose someone from our stories. It is regarding what our life would precisely be, understanding that there is a void that cannot be satisfied no matter who joins next.

Final Thoughts

It is all about The Magicians season 6 that you must know. I hope you like this post and find it helpful. If you have any questions, please tell us in the comments section. If you haven’t watched the previous five seasons, then watch them today. Please stay connected with us for such the latest and trendy stuff!

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