The Hospitalization For Coronavirus Victims In US Has reached The High Time Limit With 60000 Plus Cases!!

As we can see the number of coronavirus cases are on the peak in US, and as warned by many health experts that the total numbered of people being hospitalized in a given day will be rising soon ahead in the coming days.

And while counting on Tuesday the number of people being infected by this virus for the first time have reached 60000, and as the COVID0-19 Tracking Project which is the volunteer organization here they compile the data on the coronavirus aces, and as a said by them the counting has reached to 61694. And that’s 2024 more people being hospitalized on April 14 which was the previous record

And the US hospitals incorporates about an average of 1661 new member’s each in the hospital with covid 19 cases.

The number is cumbersome because if the rise in the patients are followed by the death trolls in US, and as per the data the last week saw more than 1000 covid-19 death that to five days in a row. And was more than the data record in August that is more than 1300 death in a row in a single week.

More than 239000 people in US have died due to coronavirus since the epitome of this pandemic, and according to the Johns Hopkins University the another 110000 or even more death are projected and expected in the upcoming next two months as the winter is coming.

Hospital Are at The Brink To Hit The Bench mark For The First Time

The data shows that more than 44 states have been recorded with more than 10% cases in the last week than ever before, and this report is as per Johns Hopkins Data.

“We’re exhausting the available supply of trained personnel,” Vanderhoff said. “they can’t escape the rising number of covid-19 numbers in the communities and the area.”

A vaccine if found more sooner will be the cure to the disease, as it would be the game changer as said by Fauci. He also added that a vaccine would boost people up to take part in public health measures “because when you know is on the track you don’t move behind from it.”

But as said by Fauci that the help may be coming soon which could be in the dispensed process as early as December, and he who has been the director of the National Institute Of Allergy And Infectious disease For 36 years.



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