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The Cutest Games For Mobile and PC

Some people enjoy the fast-paced energy of car racing games or the logistical test of army-style shoot-em-ups. That’s all well and good but some of us prefer a game that’s more likely to make us go ‘aww’ than ‘ouch’. Cute games come in all shapes and sizes and fill that niche perfectly. There are plenty for pet lovers, lots too for budding gardeners, some for those who like their animals a little more exotic, and a whole lot more for people who love the escapism of fantasy. We’ve collected a selection of games that fill all of these niches and more.

Doggie Kisses

Casino games tend not to always be the biggest pioneers of cute gaming, but within the realm of slots, this is starting to change. Slots games are handy for those who often have five minutes or so to fill, but might not regularly have hours and hours to devote to a game. They’re quick to pick up and quick to play too and what’s more, we’ve found an exceptionally cute one.

LuckyLand Slots produces lots of different games that fit under the umbrella of slots online, but perhaps their very cutest is Doggie Kisses. This adorable slots game puts pretty pooches front and center, giving up most of the reels to our furry friends. You’ll be able to land on dappled dalmatians, pampered poodles, and more whilst you play these slots and we guarantee that some of the illustrations might genuinely make you ‘aww’ out loud.

Pokemon Go

Is there anyone who wouldn’t find these guys adorable?

Pokemon Go is an enormously popular game for mobile only, that not only brings a generous dose of cuteness to proceedings, it also encourages you to get outside and exercise. In order to play, you’ll first need to download the Pokemon Go app and create a character. You’ll be given instructions on all you need to know to navigate the new world that you’ve landed in.

Take your character off on an adventure by walking outside, and looking at your phone to find where the Pokemon are. You can catch them by feeding them bait and then throwing a Pokeball at them. You’ll be able to build a massive collection of these cute creatures and use them for battling against other trainers.

Stardew Valley

Those who dream of leading a homesteading lifestyle will love this next game. It’s available for a variety of consoles including PC and Nintendo Switch and you can choose to play it alone or with friends. The game begins with you creating your character and choosing an adorable new pet for them. There are a selection of cats or dogs to choose from and whichever pet you choose will come with you to start a new life on your very own farm.

On your farm you will be able to grow lots of different fruits, vegetables and flowers that you can sell at the local store. You’ll get to meet the other villagers who you can give gifts to in order to build friendships with them. Not only this, as you progress in the game you can buy animals to live on your farm from your neighbour Marnie down the road. She sells ducks, chickens, goats, sheep, pigs and cows, all of which you can look after and use the produce from.

Animal Restaurant

If you’re after a truly adorable game that you can play on your mobile then Animal Restaurant might just be it. This game begins with the discovery of a sad kitten who’s been living as a stray for some time. Despite being a loving animal, he was discarded in the forest and now he needs a shot at a new life. Thankfully, you own a restaurant and you could use another worker. It’s up to you to train this kitten to work in your restaurant that’s full of cute, cuddly kawaii animals.

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