Casey Anthony’s Neighbors Want Her ‘Out’: Families Are ‘Terrified’

Casey Anthony’s Neighbors Want Her ‘Out’: Families Are ‘Terrified’


Casey Anthony’s neighbors in West Palm Beach, Florida, want her out of their community- and they’re terrified.

It’s a nice, tight-knit community and most of the people who live here are successful professionals with families. I’m terrified of her. Everyone I know who lives around me is also scared, says an insider. Anthony was famously acquitted in 2008 for the murder of her 2-year-old daughter Caylee.”

not only does the source see Casey driving around like a normal person, but they spotted her in person at my gym and canceled their membership as well.

She was wearing a baseball and vest top, the insider says. He was with a 6-foot muscly guy lifting weights; she looks really scary and bulky, as in muscly. I don’t want to give my last name because I don’t want her coming after me!

Casey Anthony is terrorizing her new neighbors, and they want her out.

Casey Anthony goes to these card parties after dark, a separate insider who played cards with Anthony told In Touch Weekly in an update.

Anthony seems to take risks and seek thrills. The source claims she likes poker because it makes her feel alive, but I have no idea where she gets the money to gamble from.

Following her conviction for four misdemeanors, Anthony got ten days in prison as a result of the sentencing.

Casey Anthony is a repeat offender. One month after fleeing from the scene of an accident, she was pulled over for running a stop sign in December 2018 and pleaded guilty to breaking the law again. She paid $264 fine as punishment

In May 2021, Casey Anthony was allegedly involved in a bar fight in West Palm Beach with a woman named Thelma Moya. A verbal argument between Anthony and Moya started over an ex-boyfriend they were dating at the same time.

Anthony told police that it had been an ongoing issue with Moya for years, and eventually, she declined to press charges against Moya.

In June 2021, Moya, a neighbor of Casey Anthony’s alleged to Fox News. “it’s all an act,” she said. “She’s starved for attention.”

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Truth is that she’s the reason for her own misery, not just because I chose to date an ex-boyfriend and last night I couldn’t keep up with her demands.

Moya also alleges that Anthony staged the whole thing in order to promote an upcoming documentary about her murder trial.

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