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Will There Be a Steins Gate Season 3? Is It Finished?

So you’ve finished Steins Gate season 2 and want to know if there is more in store for you? Fear not otaku, we have the answer for you!

Will There Be Steins Gate Season 3?

Stein Gate first aired in 2011 and is now over 10 years old. In recognition of that, congratulations on your series staying relevant for a decade!

For those who haven’t watched the series before, Steins Gate is an intense psychological thriller that involves time travel and a megalomaniac lead character.  Wondering where to watch Steins Gate? It’s currently streaming on Hulu in English Sub, Crunchyroll in English Sub, and Funimation in English Dub or Sub. However, it is not available for viewing on Netflix US.

I don t want to spoil anything, but there are no current plans to produce a third season of SteinsGate.Steins Gate season 3 Read More:  Attack on Titan Season 5 Is Going To Release Or Not? Latest Updates

Is Steins Gate Finished or Coming back?

Steins Gate is finished and all anime seasons will be released in 2011.

Though the main storyline ended with episode 24, an OVA titled Egotistic Poriomania followed up soon after with details on what happened two months later.

An alternate version of episode 24 was released on December 2, 2015.

We don’t need to speculate about whether there will be the 3rd season because the author has told us there is not one planned.

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