Shanquella Robinson’s Sister Responds To A Video Showing Violence In Mexico

Shanquella Robinson‘s sister, Tequila Long is talking about the group of friends Robinson was last seen in San Jose Del Cabo, Mexico, while on vacation.

“She actually came to my house to borrow one of my bags for the trip,” Long tells ESSENCE. “I thought she was going with the people she always traveled with, so I didn’t have anything bad to say about her leaving town. I just wish her safety.”

Robinson, who was 25 years old, is said to have been killed by a “friend” on Oct. 28 in a Mexican villa. The “friends” of Robinson told her mother, Salamondra Robinson, that her daughter died from drinking too much. But the Mexican government and the FBI told the family something different.

“When the results of the autopsy came back, they said that the alcohol had nothing to do with it,” Salamondra told Queen City News. “They said that her neck was broken and that her back spine was cracked. She had been beaten.”

In the end, a disturbing video surfaced that showed Daejhanae Jackson attacking Robinson naked in a bedroom. Shanquella can hear a man who seems to be filming the attack ask, “Quella, can you at least fight back?” Robinson tries to get away, but she is thrown to the ground and hit over and over in the head.

Long tells Essence that she heard there was a fight at the villa, but she believed a close male friend of Robinson said Shanquella died of alcohol poisoning.

“I was more likely to believe the guy she went on the trip with since he was her best friend. So I didn’t think he would ever do anything bad. I did not think he would lie to us. I was sure of him. So I mostly believed what he said, which was that it was alcohol poisoning,” says Long.

When the friends got back to Charlotte, N.C., they told Robinson’s mother a crazy story.

“They came to see my mom so they could talk about what happened in Cabo. Both the young woman and the young man told us that there was no fighting going on. That they believed what the doctor told them, which was that he was drunk. We asked him about the fight because other people told us that they were out there fighting her and had jumped on her. So they were all telling us lies until the video came out.

The first statement from the US State Department said that there is “no clear evidence of foul play.” But Black Twitter sleuths thought otherwise and spread the video of the fight all over the Internet. says that they also put the names and photos of Robinson’s travel companions online, along with links to their social media pages, addresses, places of work, and even birth certificates.

Sister of Shanquella Robinson Reacts to Violent Video In Mexico

When the FBI heard about the evidence that Black Twitter had found, they decided to look into Robinson’s death. The attacker was also charged with Femicide by Mexican authorities, who issued an arrest warrant for the person.

Long said that when she saw the video of Jackson beating her sister, she was “livid” and “very upset.”

“I couldn’t help but scream. I wished I was there at that moment. I watched that video many times. They had to wake her up because she sleeps in her underwear. She was standing there naked, and now she was fighting this other girl. And my sister’s like 5’1″, 100 pounds. “I didn’t like that picture of her,” said Long.

Several news sources say that Jackson was arrested on November 28 for the crime and is waiting to be sent to Mexico.

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