Shay Mitchell Appears To Come Out As Bisexual In New Tiktok Video

Shay Mitchell, the popular actress who portrayed Lesbian Emily Fields on “Pretty Little Liars,” is on the floor after revealing her true sexual identity in a recent TikTok trending clip.

The new trend of people revealing their sexuality on the video-sharing app has literally made her job easier, as she simply revealed the hidden truth in a hilarious 30-second video.

Shay Mitchell Appears to Come Out as Bisexual in New TikTok Video

Shay Mitchell appears to be open about her sexuality. Earlier this week, the teen drama mystery thriller alum revealed that he is bisexual.


#duet with @keepitspooky #Stitch

♬ original sound – Kayla 🙂

To be more specific, on Oct. 5, Wednesday, the “You” star, like millions of other TikTokers, turned to TikTok to join a specific fad, where she did a duet video with a user who indirectly asked her whether she owns a green couch, in case she is bisexual, to which the 35-year-old dramatically laid down on what appears to be her own green velvet couch.

The unexpected reaction prompted many viewers to wonder if she had a hidden agenda behind the video.

Following the major disclosure, the internet went into a frenzy. When another user commented, “WAIT, I’M LISTENING RESPECTFULLY,” a user sarcastically asked, “Are you saying what I think you’re saying?”

Although Shay has openly admitted to having a strong attraction to women, she was never confronted as a bisexual until the video was posted.

A third user only wanted Shay to say more, while another mentioned her PLL character, who was an LGBTQ+ ally. “So, Emily Fields was not just a character,” the user smirked.

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