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Selena Gomez The Weeknd: Weeknd reveals that his songs were “cathartic” post breakup! Are they for Selena Gomez?

In a new interview The Weeknd finally revealed how writing about songs post his breakup for Selena Gomez was “cathartic” for him.

The Weeknd
source: Variety

The Weeknd was asked in an interview: To name which five of his songs defined him best. Surprisingly, My Dear Melancholy, made the list.

This record was released just months after The Weeknd’s separation with Selena Gomez. The song had many references about Selena.
Well! Don’t be shocked, this is not the first time he hinted about his relationships in his songs.

The Weeknd: Songs about his exes

Selena Gomez and The Weeknd
source: PopSugar

Be it about Selena Or his ex Bella Hadid, fans have speculated many such songs which have referred his journey with his exes.

Even though Weeknd never clearly mentioned about the references in the song bio. Weeknd went on to explain in brief about his experience writing those songs during his Esquire interview.

“Whatever It was just, like, this cathartic piece of art. And yeah, it was short, because that’s all I had to say on the situation,” Weeknd said.

However, Weekend did mentioned about how much better he felt after writing the record post-split.

Why did the fans speculate the songs  were about Selena Gomez?

The superhit song, that made fans go awestruck and obsess over from My Dear Melancholy was “Call out my name”.

It had clear references about The Weeknd’s relationship with Selena. It’s featured lyrics went like, “I helped you out of a broken place” and “Guess I was just another pit stop ’til you made up your mind” (an apparent reference to Selena getting back together with Justin).

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Weeknd found cathartic to write songs post breakup
source: Harper’s Bazaar

The Weeknd also reflected about his deliberate regards to give Selena one of his kidneys when the singer needed a life-saving transplant in 2017. “I almost cut a piece of myself for your life,” he sang.

Quite deep but fans get the reference surely. Selena eventually got her kidney transplanted with the help of her friend, Francia Raisa’s kidney.

The Weeknd and Selena Gomez: The journey 

The Weeknd and Selena Gomez started of with their romantic relationship in January, 201JusA few months before Weeknd started dating Selena, he had split up with Bella.

Unfortunately Selena and Weeknd lasted only until October. After the split, it wasn’t long that Selena got along with Justin Bieber again. After this they weren’t seen together much in the media.

The Weeknd released the eye catching music video for his song ‘Snowchild’. Fans in no time took to Twitter to tweet that Weeknd had written the songs about Selena. They posted many reasons including the fact that the song was released on Selena’s birthday.

Fans speculate the songs about Selena Gomez
source: Twitter

In the beginning of the animated video, many balloons can be seen. The fans immediately understood that it’s regarding Selena’s birthday.

“He has released this song on selena’s birthday (today) which is referenced from pretty much the first scene,” a twitter user wrote. He shared screenshots of the balloons in the video with a picture of Selena surrounded by blue and white balloons for her birthday celebration.

The Weeknd’s somg about Selena Gomez
source: Twitter

“Today is selena’s bday and she mentioned before that her fav song from the album is snowchild..” the tweet read.

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It is still not sure if The Weeknd’s latest songs on After Hours actually hint about Selena. Though,everyone is on the lookout to see if the talented singer sings furthermore about the speculations in the upcoming time. Until then, let the fans play the funny guessing game.

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