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Bumping Along Happily, 35th Week Of Camila’s Pregnancy Makes Her Wonder About Her Underwear Size!

Love Island actor, Camila Thurlow, is all set to become a mommy. Thurlow, along with her co-star and boyfriend Jamie Jewitt, is very excited to become parents. The 31-year-old star posted a cute selfie on her Instagram account. The pretty snap with a cute baby bump has everyone’s hearts.

35 Weeks And Everything Is Getting Bigger

Camilla Thurlow
Camila’s Instagram post

Camila on her Instagram account posted this picture. She mentioned how her tops are getting shorter, leggings higher, and ankles are bigger! However, the funniest was;

“dont even get me started on the size of the underwear”

She ended the caption using the hashtag, #35weeks. The excited to be father, commented; “So close!!!” Camila’s face was bright in the picture. She smiled and showed her growing cute baby bump. The actor has faced “ups and downs” during her pregnancy, but whatsoever it be, she “very happy.”

Camila’s Book

Camila has written a book titled “not The Type: Finding My Place.” The book is a memoir about finding courage at work and personal life. Although the book talks about finding the courage to move out and deal with lethal threats at work, it also mentions the courage to confront one’s fears and anxieties.

Thurlow worked as an explosive ordnance disposal specialist in Afghanisthan and Cambodia. Camila mentioned; before joining Love Island, she did the work that she loved. Moreover, she also stated that she was lucky enough to travel to various countries. Camila claims that she learnt a huge amount during this time.


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