Second Stimulus Check: Why Is Trump Willing To Sign A $1.3 Trillion Relief Package Suddenly?

Donald Trump
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Amid the coronavirus pandemic, thousands of people lost their job and mode of living. The economy has gone down steadily. In this short time, the US is suffering and has provided some coronavirus relief packages to the people.

The first stimulus check was distributed in March. Rumours and demand for the second stimulus check are hovering overhead.

On Thursday in a conversation between Nancy Pelosi and Mark Meadows, it can be expected that the second stimulus package is near.

Donald Trump
Source: Google

Nancy Pelosi is the speaker of the house of representatives. Meanwhile, Mark Meadows is the White House chief of staff.

This time White House is the first to take the initiative about the second stimulus package.

Meadows’ Statement

According to Meadows, he says, “The president right now is willing to sign something at $1.3 trillion”. It is disclosed on Friday that, the POTUS is going to sign a coronavirus relief bill with a $300 billion marketing. Whereas the Speaker Pelosi demanded $2.2 Trillion bill.

There is no result could be out from the previous discussions between Steven Mnuchin, Mark Meadows, Pelosi and Chuck Schumer.

However, both the opposition and the ruling party have agreed on the fact that more economic aid is needed as this is the only area of consensus right now.

However, two points need to be focused upon. First is the amount of funding to include pandemic unemployment insurance benefits. Second is how much assistance should be allocated to both state and local governments.